best phuket surfing beaches

17 Best Phuket Surfing Beaches

Yes, it’s possible to surf on Phuket!  Waves reach 3 meters (10 feet)! Here are the 17 best Phuket surf beaches you can try for yourself! Read this guide to surfing Phuket and print it out because you’re going to need it. If you need an instant answer to where to go – Kata Beach surfing is usually the most popular and has some of the best waves, but if it’s cranking there, you’ll also find great surf at some of these other beaches!

Phuket surfing may be something you’ve never heard of, but every year from the months of May through September, you can be assured of some good days with surf big enough to ride! This is Thailand’s monsoon season when low-pressure systems work their magic on the waves hitting Phuket’s west coast. If you’re planning your vacation and want to try to target the best waves Phuket has to offer, it’s all luck, but the best waves of the season are always found during May/June or during September, so book your room for surfing Phuket then!

Phuket Island Surfing Stokes

  • Warm water year-round
  • Mild waves are usually safe for beginners (not kids)
  • Some EPIC swells 3+ meters (10 feet) nearly every year
  • Party atmosphere, cheap digs, and food
  • Uncrowded mornings, potentially ALL DAY!

Water temperature is always good – year-round from 27°C to 29°C (81-84°F). That’s bathwater conditions for most of us. Wave conditions are highly variable, and one day it can be mush, and the next few days a meter plus, and smooth as glass. It all depends. That’s surfing, right?

There are a few Phuket surf reports at the bottom of this guide where you can get wave estimates, and a place for finding out about Phuket tides, but your best shot at finding the biggest and cleanest waves is going to be driving up and down the coast looking for which spots are going-off close to you! Don’t drive too much looking for the ultimate wave though, you’re not going to find the North Shore’s Pipeline here, but the surf is crazy-fun nonetheless.

Waves in the .5 meter (2-feet) range are considered ‘good surf’ on Phuket, so you’d be best to pack a longboard, not a gun or a shortboard. Better yet, don’t pack your surfboard to Phuket – rent one here! That said, the availability of high-quality bodyboards in Phuket for rent is lacking. Bring yours and your Churchill fins if you want to be happy.

We don’t cover windsurfing, paddleboarding, or kitesurfing in this guide, only unassisted surfboard riding – and bodyboarding, if that’s your thing. If that’s what you want, look no further, we have found all the best surfing beaches for you, and we give you the details you need to find the best surf spots and rent a board! Let’s Go!

Oh, and one more thing… this list of great places to surf in Phuket is in alphabetical order. That means the last beach mentioned, could be the one with killer surf today, and the first beach might be flat as a windless lake. It really pays to do a quick drive around in the early morning and see what’s going on at multiple beaches. Phuket is not that big, and if you go early, there isn’t much traffic to get through. Dawn patrol!

Oh, and one more thing… do be careful. Phuket has wicked undertows (rip-tides) that kill many people each year, children and adults alike. Do NOT go into rough water alone, and without great swimming skills and the ability to read a dangerous situation. Warning flags are posted at most beaches, but not all. Stay safe surfers!

Bang Tao Beach is an almost 6-kilometer-long (3.7 miles) sandy beach bay with light-colored sand and a line of Casuarina (genus) shade trees, also known as ironwood trees, these tall trees can grow 35 meters (38 yards) high and provide excellent shade for surfers and other beach-goers! You’ve probably seen them at other surf-spots around the world, they’re the trees dropping the little 1-2 cm. mini-pinecone type seeds all over the sand and they hurt a bit to walk on one!

Basically, Bang Tao is a very large bay with Koh Kala Island on the northern part, and a rocky shoal and shore at the southern end. Under the waves are sand and shells, and generally soft – without a major reef anywhere near the shore. This makes for safe surfing, at least until the waves get big.


Surfing Phuket’s Bang Tao Beach is a blast. Waves are rideable on any tide height. Wave height at Bang Tao Beach is highly variable, of course, but you can find left and right breaking .5 to 3-meter-high (1.5 to 10 feet) waves during the surfing season. Anything over 1.5 meters (5 feet) is probably best left to competent surfers, as it can get dangerous after that point. The beach has the propensity for building up sand banks underwater which can pop up in a few hours if the waves are strong enough. Just something to be aware of.

On days with large swells, the southern section can still remain somewhat calm and rideable by beginners or intermediate surfers or bodyboarders.

Undercurrent is strong on big-wave days.

If you do head to Bang Tao for surfing, you’re probably better off to go toward the mid to southern end of the beach because finding food and drinks nearby will be easier.

Lessons and Rentals?

Bang Tao Beach is a great place to learn how to surf because the waves are usually gentle, and the water is uncrowded. At the south end of the beach is “Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club,” where you can get surfing lessons, or windsurfing, kitesurfing, or paddleboard lessons.

Saltwater Dreaming Phuket Surf Shop is also here at this location, at this address: 108/3 Bang Tao, Choeng Thale.

Where to Stay?

Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort has budget accommodations in the 2,000 THB range and received good reviews for their three restaurants, outdoor pool, and wet bar. This resort is right on the beach with easy access. Not to mention, you can just gaze out the window and see what the surf is doing. Midnight session anybody?

How to Reach Bangtao Beach?

Bang Tao Beach is easily accessed by using Highway 4025 from Patong Beach up through Surin, and to Soi Hua Tieo, where you make a left. Or, you can take any major road leading left off Hwy 4025 in Bang Tao toward the beach, and make it there. Or, just follow signs for the Best Western Premiere Beach Resort or the Sunwing Beach Resort, and you’ll end up at the beach. Easy. You’ll be surfing Phuket in no time!

If you’re staying on the west coast of Phuket Island, you are probably close to Kalim Beach because it is just past the north end of Patong Beach. This is a small beach around 300 meters (328 yards) long, and the sand borders the sometimes-crowded highway.


The waves at Kalim Beach, like Bang Tao, can reach up to 3-meters (10 feet) high but are typically in the .5-meter (1.5 foot) range unless a storm is cranking offshore. Rides are usually rights, with some lefts on certain days, depending on the swell. There is a shallow reef under the water close into shore on the south end of the beach, worth noting. Better rides are had when the tide is close to high.

Rides here are some of the longest on decent swells. You can expect to get rides up to 150 meters (164 yards) with perfect conditions. When it’s firing, this break is probably the best Phuket has to offer! Kata Beach surfing is well-known, and this beach is virtually unheard of. As a consequence, many locals and even a few tourists know about this break, so there can be a bit of a line-up to contend with, but nothing like in Kata. Unlike Hawaii, there are no punches thrown or call-outs, it’s really quite mellow and everyone is typically smiling and having a good time here. The way surfing should be, right?

In September 2017 they held a surfing contest at Kalim Beach in 1 meter (3 feet) high waves, with the occasional 1+ meter waves rolling in on bigger sets. The rides were long and smooth. Well worth checking out, especially if during a big swell the other beaches are blown out or mushy.

Lessons and Rentals?

There are no rental shops here at the beach, nor are there usually lessons available at this small beach. For lessons, you can just contact “Day” in Patong Beach – and we have the information you need down in our Patong Beach section below.

Where to Stay?

The Novotel Phuket Resort is right here on Kalim Beach, and it’s always a good budget choice with rooms starting around 2,300 THB. They have balcony rooms, 2 Bars, 3 restaurants, and 3 outdoor pools. Great reviews from past customers make this a wise choice.

How to Reach Kalim Beach?

From Patong Beach, just follow the road north, winding around some rocks and restaurants, and the first beach you come to is Kalim Beach. Coming from the north, you’ll be on Highway 4233 along the beach, past Kamala. When you see White Box Restaurant and Bar – park, you’re there!

Surfing Phuket is easy because it’s all the west coast beaches that get the swells!

Kamala Beach is located just north of Patong Beach. Kamala is easy to reach with the main coastal Highway 4025 if coming in from the north, or Hwy 4233 leading out of Patong. Kamala is a traditional Muslim fishing village that is being gradually transformed into another luxury beach resort area.


Kamala Beach waves can reach 3 meters (10 feet) on special days, but the usual wave-height is around .5 to 1 meter (1.5 to 3 feet) during the monsoon season. Waves break on all tides and are quite rideable, with lefts and rights up and down the beach. There are so many different breaks along this 2-kilometer-long (1.2 miles) beach that driving up and down the entire length is recommended so you can spot the best breaks to surf.

Lessons and Rentals?

The Saltwater Dreaming Surfboard Shop with rental surfboards is north of Kamala, in Cherng Thale, but has the best selection of board rentals you’ll find in northwestern Phuket.

Where to Stay?

Kamala Beachfront Apartments on Soi Police Station gets good reviews and has easy beach access. Modern rooms and recently built. Rates starting around 1,300 Thai Baht per night.

How to Reach Kamala Beach?

From Patong Beach take Highway 4233 going north, it’s about a 15-minute drive. Coming from the north, through Surin, you’d take Highway 4025 going south.

Kata Beach surfing is the most popular place for surf on the island. Kata (Kata Yai – big Kata Beach) is just south of Karon Beach on Phuket’s southwest coast. The beach is fairly long at 1.5 kilometers (1 mile), and there is plenty of room on the sand for relaxing when not surfing. The area behind the white sandy beach is taken up in large part by the massive Club Med complex. This is actually a good thing because they left up many of the trees on the beach and the entire north part of the beach has a very natural feel because of it.


The waves at Kata Beach can reach a nice size – up to 2 meters (7 feet), but they are usually on the smaller side, about half-a-meter is average. Longboards are great here! For years there was a Quiksilver Surf Contest held at this beach, so it became well-known. It became so well-known, that it is now the most popular beach for surfing on Phuket. Conditions can get crowded when the waves are up, but there is no real localism in Phuket.

You should be as forgiving as everyone else when someone drops in on you. It’s the same with lines at the store, Thais just make their own line going sideways if the line is too long straight back. You’ll have to get used to this on the water as you surf – there’s no real line-up. It’s more like a free-for-all!

Lessons and Rentals?

Phuket Surf is at the very south end of Kata Beach, and they have a variety of surfboards to rent. They also offer surfing lessons at their surf school.

Where to Stay for Kata Beach Surfing?

Kata Beach Resort and Spa makes it easy. They usually have the best waves of the entire beach right in front of their hotel, they get great reviews from visitors, and their room rates are not too outrageous. Rates are in the 2,500 THB+ range.

How to Reach Kata Beach?

Highway 4233 coming south from Patong Beach works, as does coming north from Kata Noi Beach on the same highway.

Just south over a small hill from Kata Yai Beach is the smaller Kata Noi Beach. The beach is really scenic and the same group of people tends to go here over the course of their time in Phuket.


Same wave heights as Kata Beach and these waves break close to shore around .5 to 2 meters (1.5 to 7 feet) in height. Mid and high-tides are best. There’s a good right as the main break. There can be too many people here, especially if it’s crowded at Kata Yai too. When conditions are crowded, it’s definitely worth it to explore another beach, we have plenty listed here, and if Kata beaches have waves, some of the other beaches will too.

If the waves get BIG here, definitely head out to another break and enjoy the lack of crowds elsewhere! Don’t be afraid to go in search of the ultimate surf Phuket has waiting for you at one of these amazing spots.

Lessons and Rentals?

Phuket Surf at Kata Yai Beach is listed above. Check it out!

Where to Stay While Surfing Phuket at Kata Noi?

There are a couple of very expensive places to stay on the beach, but most surfers are not going to want to pay 12,000 THB a night. Highly recommended that you stay in Kata Yai, see the hotel recommendation above.

How to Reach Kata Noi Beach?

From Patong Beach, take Highway 4233 down through Kata, and veer right at the south end of that beach. Then you will take a small road straight into Kata Noi just past signs for Impiana Private Villas.

Karon Beach is a more than 3 kilometer (1.9 miles) stretch of white sand beach south of Patong Beach and Freedom Beach, and north of Kata on Phuket’s west coast.


The big draw for Karon Beach surfing is the lack of crowds. You can look the entire way up the beach, and probably not see more than a couple people on boards of any kind during a good swell. I don’t know about you, but those are perfect conditions! Nothing better than surfing over and over and not waiting in the line-up for waves.

The waves are active during all tides and are typically not well formed, it’s often rather choppy or mush with the occasional breaking wave that gives a good 10-second ride or so. Waves are typically .5 to 2 meters (1.5 to 7 feet) high. When waves are big, watch out for dangerous rip-tides. Also, if they are big here, they are almost definitely bigger at one of the other beaches mentioned – try Bang Tao or Surin, or even Kalim.

The north part of the beach has a nice breaking wave sometimes and so does the south end. Again, it’s really a matter of driving the entire length of the beach to do your spotting and figure out which is going to be the best spot for the next couple hours. Sand under the water can shift dramatically during surf, either destroying breaks or creating them. It’s often productive to cruise down and have a look at the entire beach.

Lessons and Rentals?

SSS Phuket Dive and Surf Center on the south end of Karon Beach is a beach club that formed recently and they offer lessons and rental boards for you to use. To find it, take Patak Road (Hwy 4028) south just past the Karon Post Office and it will be on your left after the Tesco Lotus Express store.

Where to Stay?

The Thavorn Palm Beach Resort on Karon Beach is a 4-star hotel on the beach that offers great value for your money, especially if you can find a room for close to the 2,000 THB range like they sometimes advertise on Google. Look for it! We like Thavorn Palm mostly for the many swimming pools and the wet bar. This hotel is just over half-a-kilometer from the south end of the beach.

How to Reach Karon Beach?

Coming from Patong Beach, you can take Hwy 4233 south to Karon. It will take just about 15-minutes of driving.

Just before you reach Surin Beach, you’re going to be at the top of a hill where you can’t see much, but there is some parking on the way up the hill and a spot at the top and some small signs referring to Laem Singh Beach. Park here and walk a few minutes down the very steep hill to find surf paradise if there’s a swell. The beach is about 300 meters (328 yards) long and has some rocks at the south end.

The big draw of this beach is that they charge a fee to enter, and some people just won’t pay it, no matter how small. We suggest you just suck it up and pay the 100 to 200 THB for parking and entrance fee and whatever else they charge because the higher the price – the fewer people in the water trying to ride your waves!


Waves are usually .5 to 3 meters (1.5 to 10 feet) when cranking. The waves here tend to come in fast, so not only are they good for surfers, but also for bodyboarders who don’t have proper fins and need the push of a fast wave to get going (groms!). The waves are firing on all tides here, and the beach is lovely when it’s on. This is a private beach that is sometimes closed during the off-season because the waves can get quite big and they don’t want people dying.

Lessons and Rentals?

None right here, you’ll have to use one of the other surf shops. Try Saltwater Dreaming Surfboard Shop for rentals, and if you want to stick around there, they have lessons as well. This is located in Choeng Thale, north of Laem Singh, but has a good selection of rental boards.

Where to Stay?

Laem Singh is literally just a small beach without any place for a resort. If you plan on surfing Phuket breaks close to here, staying in Kamala would be ideal. We mention the Kamala Beachfront Apartments on Soi Police Station as being the place we’d most likely stay if we wanted to drive around looking for good surf in Kamala, Patong, and Laem Singh, not to mention Surin. Modern rooms with 1,300 THB overnights make it a very affordable option.

How to Reach Laem Singh Beach?

Just take Highway from Patong Beach, through Kamala and climb the hill – you’re at the entrance at the top, so park and pay the fee, and go find yourself some waves!

Layan Beach is also known as Le Phang Beach by locals and on some maps. The beach can be found by going to Bang Tao Beach, and this is a small part of Bang Tao at the very northernmost point where the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort is found. It’s like a tiny bay formed on one side by the rocky hill, and the other by a small island and sandbar. The main break is next to the hill.


This break is more of a specialty spot for experienced surfers who don’t mind surfing over a very shallow reef. The angle of the swell has to be just right, there is little opening to the bay, and this spot is not normally holding any decent waves. When it does, there are hundred-meter-long rides possible on 1 to 3-meter-high (3 to 10 feet) waves. Note – waves are non-existent until the swell gets bigger than about a meter.

Sometimes there are small waves on the other side of the Island from Layan, this is also part of Layan Beach, and you might find something rideable with a longboard on small swells.

Lessons and Rentals

While there are no lessons up at Layan Beach, you can head down Bang Tao Beach to “Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club,” where you can get surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, or paddleboard instruction from experienced teachers. The surf is typically gentle in this location and it’s an ideal place for beginners if the swell isn’t too large.

Saltwater Dreaming Phuket Surf Shop is also here at this location, at this address: 108/3 Bang Tao, Choeng Thale.

Where to Stay?

If you don’t want to stay at the Anantara Layan Phuket Resort for 5,000+ THB per night, a budget alternative is the Arinara Bangtao Beach Resort, starting around 2,000 THB. The resort is beachfront and you can just walk up the beach to Layan Beach to see if the waves are good up there.

How to Reach Layan Beach?

Layan is at the top end of Bang Tao Beach on the northwest side of Phuket Island, and you can reach it easiest by walking up the beach toward the island.

Mai Khao is a resort area on the northwest side of Phuket, just north of the airport. There are high-end resorts from one end of the beach to the other. This is a good thing because high-end resorts take up a lot of land for each one – and there are not that many hotels or other junk hotels that can build there.

There are so few people per linear kilometer that you may start craving another beach with people if you surf Mai Khao too much. You’re not likely to have anyone else surfing with you here. Yes, paradise on a nice swell!

Mai Khao Beach is the longest beach on the island. The only people you’ll see are resort guests who come to the beach with their kids, or singles looking for even more privacy away from the swimming pool areas.


Inconsistent surf and the remote location, make this one of the locations few surfers even cruise by to see what it’s doing. There are rideable waves at times, but you’ll have to time it right. It is mostly shore-break here where the deep water becomes shallow fast. Can be fun for beginning bodyboarders or skimboarders.

Just north of here into the Sirinat National Park, they are known to have decent waves. Again, it’s so remote that people don’t tend to go up there, and so no great intelligence on this area exists. Surely if the rest of the island is topping 3 meters (10 feet), there will be waves here!

Lessons and Rentals?

None close, you’ll have to go down south to the south end of Cherng Thale Beach and Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop for lessons and board rentals.

Where to Stay?

You’re going to pay for a stay here, but the convenience just might be worth it. If you enjoy empty waves where you’re the only one riding, and you like amazing resorts with great food, great pools, and great wet bars, well then – you might be staying right here. The J W Marriott is a great place to try. Rooms start around 7,000 THB a night.

How to Reach Mai Khao Beach?

From Patong Beach, Phuket Town, or literally anywhere else on the island, the fastest way to reach Mai Khao Beach is to take the nearest highway straight to Highway 402 which runs the length of Phuket from North to South. Take it north and look for signs for Mai Khao Beach.

Nai Harn is a medium-sized surfing and swimming beach around 700 meters (766 yards) long, on the far southwestern tip of Phuket Island near Promthep Cape – a major tourist attraction for Phuket.


Typical 10-second rides on fast-breaking waves close to the shore are what this beach is all about. There are some nice 2-meter-high (7 feet) waves every season, and it’s particularly good for bodyboarders, with the waves coming in fast enough to catch with or without fins. There is the occasional big swell once or twice a year, and there is a point break that can hold in bigger swells – giving long rides. Waves break at Nai Harn on all tides on the south end of the beach. Best waves here are on the north reef in calm wind and low tide.

This spot is good for beginners on smaller days. It’s always a good vibe when you pull up to a place and it has something rideable – like meter high – and there’s not even a person in the water. This happens at Nai Harn, it is one of the least crowded beaches on Phuket. Make sure you check lifeguard flags first. Even with 1-meter (3 feet) surf, there are rip-tides all over Phuket that can pull you out quick.

On small days, this is a good beach for kids on bodyboards – a small shore-break will give them a taste of surfing Phuket… riding waves, and maybe set them up for a lifetime of chasing waves later!

Lessons and Rentals?

Green Room Surf Shop is located right behind Nai Harn Beach – up the main road (Hwy 4233). They have a lot of surfwear for the beach, surfboards, and fins – go check them out, I think you’ll find what you need to surf Phuket!

There is also another shop close-by – Elleciel Surfboards. They have boards for sale and custom boards, located in Rawaii at this address: 86/5 Soi Ban Na Tai, Rawaii.

Where to Stay?

The All Seasons Nai Harn Phuket Hotel is in a perfect spot for big swells here, and you can stay at very reasonable prices, starting at 1,300 THB in the off-season. You’re literally beachfront on a great break when it’s on. This is a 3-star hotel, but it has very decent ratings, considering.

How to Reach Nai Harn Beach?

Finding Nai Harn Beach is as easy as simply taking any major highway going south toward Promthep Cape. Once you are close, you’ll see signs for the All Seasons Nai Harn Hotel, and the beach. On a map, Nai Harn is west of Promthep Cape.

Nai Thon is a 1 km. (1.2 miles) long beach on Phuket’s northwest shore just south and around the corner from Nai Yang Beach and north of Bang Tao and Banana beaches.

Nai Thon Beach is beautiful, and a bit secluded, isolated from other areas. There are rocky spots on the north and south ends of the beach, and scattered rocks and reef under the water. Rip-tide can be bad here during big swells, just one of the hazards when you surf Phuket beaches.


Good for beginning to moderately-skilled surfers during small waves, and only for very skilled surfers when it gets big. Waves are good during all tide periods and wind conditions, but when calm winds and either extreme high or low tide – this can be a nice place to surf or just watch the waves roll in. This spot can crank at 3 meters (10 feet) height when conditions are perfect.

Lessons and Rentals?

The Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop is located in Cherng Thale right at Bang Tao Beach and is your closest shop to find board rentals and lessons. Their address is 108/3 Bang Tao, Choeng Thale.

Where to Stay?

Bismarck’s Paradise Luxury Villas Estate is right up the road, and we’d love to have you! We built these perfect little secluded villas with privacy in mind. These are reasonably priced, and attention to every detail was made for our guests, from the saltwater pools (no chlorine) to the high-quality pool deck furniture and 24/7 butler service – you won’t find anything like this level of service and creature comfort in Phuket. Not to mention, Bismarck’s is located between two great beaches – Nai Thon and Nai Yang! See our website for a complete description of our luxury villas in Phuket .

How to Reach Nai Thon Beach?

Nai Thon Beach isn’t too difficult to reach from anywhere on the island. Start as if you are going to leave Phuket Island and travel to Phang Nga. From Patong Beach, just head north on Beach Road (Hwy 4233) until it connects to Hwy 4030. In about 2.2 km (1.4 miles) you’ll make a left (west) to travel on Hwy 4018. This leads right into Nai Thon Beach.

From Phuket Town, you’ll start by going north on Hwy 402, then west on 4025, then north on Hwy 4030, and finally west on Hwy 4018.

Nai Yang is a 2+ kilometer (1.2 miles) long beach on Phuket’s northwest side next to (just south of) the Phuket International Phuket Airport (HKT). This is a nearly white-sand beach with generally perfect conditions for swimming, and some great waves during the tourist off-season. There are plenty of trees for shade, and picnics and a hammock are both great ways to enjoy this beach when not surfing!


At the south end of the beach is a large underwater reef which sets up the waves on certain swells. Ideal tides are mid to high-tide, with little wind. Paddling out to the reef over 300 meters (328 yards) offshore is a bit of a chore, but your reward will be worth it! Wave heights reach 3 meters (10 feet) here, as with most west-facing beaches on Phuket. Rip-tides can be fierce, and the south end reef surfing should only be attempted by surfers very comfortable with surfing over shallow reefs. Not for beginners when waves are big.

Good news for beginners, the entire middle kilometer of this beach is mostly sandy bottom and offers some great .5 to meter-high (1.5 to 3 feet) waves on occasion and this beach can be perfect for kids and adult beginners looking to surf Phuket.

Lessons and Rentals?

A couple of kilometers down the road at Bang Tao Beach is a surf shop offering lessons and boards for rental, and sale. They not only have boards but everything you could possibly need for your surfing lifestyle in Phuket. The name of the place is Saltwater Dreaming Surf Shop, and it is located in Cherng Thale in Bang Tao Beach at the address: 108/3 Bang Tao, Choeng Thale.

Where to Stay?

Bismarck’s Paradise, a luxury pool villa estate, is just right down the road. If you’re looking for a place to be spoiled every minute of the day, that’s where we excel. Have a look at Bismarck’s Paradise website Bismarck’s Paradise | Luxury Villas Phuket website, and see if one of these private luxury villas with a private pool doesn’t interest you for a couple of nights stay on the island.

How to Reach Nai Yang Beach?

The easiest way to find Nai Yang Beach is to look on the map of Phuket International Airport (HKT). From Highway 4031 going south from the Airport, you’ll turn right toward the beach on local Highway 4027.

Between Kamala and Patong beaches at Thavorn Beach Village, is a 500-meter-long (547 yards) southwest facing beach called “Nakalay Bay.” This isn’t usually a great place for surfing, simply because it doesn’t face west enough, but occasionally there are rideable waves here and it’s worth checking out if you’re already in the area.


The bay is filled with coral, and can sometimes hold a wave in various spots during a swell with exactly the right direction and volume.

Lessons and Rentals?

The best chance for lessons and a rental board in this area is to find “Day,” a Thai guy who works at a resort overlooking Patong Beach. They offer boards and lessons for their guests, but also for others who contact them. You can try reaching Day here: Contact info:, Phones: +66 89 97 32 161
or +66 83 52 28 523.

Where to Stay?

Thavorn Beach Village Resort & Spa has incredible reviews and is right on Nakalay Beach. Rates start just under 3,000 THB per night. The hotel and service staff get excellent reviews all around. This beach has very few people about, and you’ll have it all to yourself if the waves are good. Paddleboarding is also usually good here.

How to Reach Nakalay Bay Beach?

Go north from Patong Beach less than 4 km. (2.5 miles) along Hwy 4233 to Thavorn Village. Or, from Kamala Beach, head south on Hwy 4233 about 3 km. (1.9 miles).

Just north of Surin Beach around the rocky hill is this lovely little 380-meter-long (416 yards) beach with the occasional excellent point break over coral. The problem is getting in there without someone trying to make you go away. The beach area is for guests of the Amanpuri luxury resort. If you don’t see yourself paying 24,000+ THB for a night, you’re going to need to find another way in. Why not just start at the northernmost part of Surin Beach, and paddle out the 100 meters (109 yards) around the hill? It’s not like anyone from the resort is going to swim out to you and make you leave!


There’s a great point break on the north side near the rocks that can be right on in perfect conditions – like 1 to 2 meters (3 to 7 feet). As long as the swell is big enough, this can break well on all tides.

Lessons and Rentals?

If you’re staying at the Amanpuri Resort, they have lessons and boards for you. If not, there’s nothing around here, and you’re best off to head up the Hwy 4233 to Bang Tao Beach to one of the two surf shops there on the south end of the beach – Saltwater Dreaming, or Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club.

Where to Stay?

The Amanpuri Resort is a 5-star resort that occupies the entire peninsula west of the beach. As mentioned, rates start around 24,000 THB for exclusive villas with private pools and excellent service. This resort has one of the highest customer ratings we’ve ever seen on Google – around 4.7 out of 5-stars. A less expensive alternative would be the Surin Beach Resort at the very south end of Surin Beach, which also has exceptional guest ratings and with rooms starting in the 2,000 THB range.

How to Reach Pansea Beach?

Pansea Beach is not marked on Google maps, but you can find it by going to Surin Beach on Phuket’s west coast and driving just past it. There is a large resort – Amanpuri at this beach, but it is private and you cannot park your car and walk through the resort to reach the beach without someone stopping you and redirecting you somewhere else. See above for how to reach the surf break.

Patong Beach surfing can get pretty good, but you’re not going to find much in the way of rideable surf from the south end or in the middle, even when there is a front coming in. There are fairly consistent small waves during the entire year, some of which can be ridden, but mostly it’s just great fun for kids on bodyboards during the November to April months when most people are on the island.


Longboards are the norm here for waves of .5 meters (1.5 feet) being the average unless there is a particularly good swell and it reaches 1+ meters (3+ feet).

To find the best waves in Patong Beach, you’ll have to go to the very northern end close to where the rocks are. This has been the main spot in Patong for surfing since the 1970’s. When the surf is good you may find more than a few people there trying to enjoy it like you! This is why early morning scouting is essential, you could be enjoying this breaking spot for a couple hours before most people with hangovers (Chang-overs) even wake up!

Lessons and Rentals?

First, try “Day” at Baan Andaman Sea & Surf Guesthouse. This hotel is up on the hill overlooking Patong, but Day has surfboards for rent and can deliver it for you in Patong. Contact info:, Phones: +66 89 97 32 161
or +66 83 52 28 523. Calling when you arrive is always better than email.

Phuket Surf in Karon is the closest surf shop to Patong Beach listed. However, when the waves are big enough to learn to surf at Patong, there are almost always boards on the beach and guys who will instruct you and rent you the boards to try surfing.

Where to Stay?

Patong Beach has an enormous number of hotels and resorts you can stay at. This isn’t really any sort of surfing destination because the waves don’t get so good unless that spot on the north beach is cranking. Whether or not it is, many people prefer to stay here because the nightlife is the best in Thailand. In that case, we recommend you stay close to Soi Bangla Road. Try this – Patong Resort on Soi Ratuthit (2nd road), near Soi Bangla (party central).

How to Reach Patong Beach?

The good spot is located at the north end of the beach just below the Novotel Hotel up on the hill, and Baan Rim Pa and On the Rocks restaurants up in the rocks where the sand ends. However, all down the stretch of the beach there could be small waves that are good for learning on. The problem is a fleet of jet skis and boats in and out, it isn’t the most relaxing place to surf Phuket.

Located just around the corner and north from Karon Beach, Relax Bay is one of the most beautiful spots in Phuket, and because it’s a private beach, you have the chance to book a couple nights here and have the entire beach virtually to yourself. There is a way to sneak in down the hill on the west side of the Le Meridien Resort, but it’s a 300-meter (328 yards) trek down a steep hill and most locals don’t bother because there are plenty of other beaches to surf at around the area if the waves are nice.

Relax Bay is about 350 meters (383 yards) long, and extra wide at 50+ meters (55 yards) in some places. The sand is deep and very light, and it’s one of the most scenic spots in Phuket.


Waves are best at mid-tide, in the 1 to 2-meter (3 to 7 feet) range. This spot goes off pretty well on anything over 1 meter (3 feet) and is one of the top spots for surfing Phuket.

Lessons and Rentals?

Nothing here, the closest place for lessons and surfboard rentals is SSS Phuket Dive and Surf Center on Patak Road just south on Hwy 4233 south to Hwy 4028 and south again for a total distance of about 8 km (5 miles).

Where to Stay?

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort has the exclusive hold on this beach, and if you really want to stay at one of the best beaches on the entire island, you’ll pay to stay there! Rates per night are around 4,000 THB per night, and the resort gets phenomenal ratings by past guests with 360 reviews rating it 4.6 out of 5-stars.

How to Reach Relax Bay?

From Patong Beach just go south on Hwy 4233 over the hills toward Karon, and you’ll see signs for the Le Meridien Hotel. If you’re staying at the hotel, it’s easy – just park there. If not, you’ll have to figure out an alternative way through the forest. If you follow the small roads to the north and west of the resort, you’ll be able to stop in some places and find a path that leads down to the beach. Otherwise, you can purchase a day pass at the Le Meridien, which will provide you beach access all day. Passes are 1,500 THB and include lunch, and access to these activities: 9-hole mini-golf, golf-driving range, archery range, basketball court, and of course the beach.

A picture-perfect beach with a ultra-laid back vibe, the beach has been cleared of restaurants and shops and is today looking a lot like it did a couple decades ago. The fact that Surin has some nice waves during the season is all the more reason you must check this beach out if you’re staying anywhere nearby.


Waves break at the north and south ends of Surin Beach and the bottom is mostly sandy. Unfortunately, there is a pile of rocks underwater in the middle of the beach that you don’t want to surf near. Be aware! It always pays to research a beach before going, right?

Maximum wave heights here can get bigger than in Patong Beach, and even reach 2 meters (7+ feet) on some excellent days. Less than a meter is the average here, and the rides are short like most Phuket breaks, expect less than 10-second rides. Lefts and rights abound. Waves can be fast here – and shortboards are popular on big days.

Believe it, or not, CNN Travel Magazine named Surin the 47th top beach to surf in 2013. This is a bit of a mystery because I could name dozens of beaches in Hawaii that have better surf, and more consistency, so maybe the writer just fell in love with the beach and couldn’t not mention it. I understand, if so! Surin is definitely one of the best beaches in Asia!

Tubes (barrels) are not unheard of here on the best days, but the wave is fast and not recommended for beginners on big days. Currents are strong. This beach is only for expert swimmers and surfers on bigger days around 1.5 meters (5 feet).

Lessons and Rentals?

There are two surf shops in Bang Tao Beach. Bang Tao Beach is north by 6 km. (3.7 miles) up Hwy 4025. Go there first if you need a rental board, or if you want to setup lessons to learn how to surf. The two surf shops are Skyla’s Surf & SUP Club, and Saltwater Dreaming Phuket Surf Shop.

How to Reach Surin Beach?

From Patong Beach, just take Hwy 4233 (Patong’s Beach road is this Hwy) north to Hwy 4025 and that will take you right into Surin Beach. Total drive – about 13 km. (8 miles).

What If There is NO SURF?

At times, there is no surf at all – not even for a big longboard and you’re dying to surf Phuket. What in the world are you going to do in that situation? Jump in a tuk-tuk or on your motorbike and go straight to Surf House Phuket!

Located in both Patong Beach and Kata Beach, this is the home of the undying wave and hour-long rides. They have everything you need, including dinner and drinks, so don’t waste any time if you’re jones’ing for a wave!

The Patong Beach location is right on Beach Road, just 200 meters (291 yards) north of Soi Bangla in the center of the beach. A slightly less crowded location is in Kata Beach at the very southernmost part of the beach, on Soi Pakbang – the road bordering the beach.

Prices are somewhat reasonable at 1,000 THB for 1 hour, or 2,200 THB for 3 hours!

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