4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles in 2018

4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles

To save you some time, we’ve made a list of the top Phuket beaches and where to stay for single visitors to the island of Phuket. If you’re planning on coming for a visit, you’re almost surely going to want to stay in Patong Beach, but who knows? You might choose one of the quieter beaches close-by instead.

Either way, you’re going to need to know which beaches are going to be just what you’re looking for. We even tell you about one place which holds a half-moon party every month, read below to find out which one!

How Did We Come Up with this List?
Good Question… here’s how:

Criteria Used in Choosing the Best Beaches for You:

  • Proximity to Patong Beach, insane nightlife
  • Range of prices for accommodations
  • Wet bars, rooftop bars, variety of bars
  • Great restaurants
  • Beach activities – adventure

If you know anything about Phuket, you already know that the best beach for you as a single running around the island, is Patong Beach. But, we’re not going to start off with that, because you already know it. Let’s start off with a beach you’ve probably never heard of before…

Thirteen years ago, I found this beach up a jungle path after taking a road at the south end of Patong Beach that went past Tri-Trang Beach. I didn’t even know where I was going. The sense of adventure was high, and I kept going, despite the path being dangerously muddy and wet. As I came down the final hill, I said to myself – what the heck? It was this pristine little beach in the middle of a Jungle that had a restaurant and reclining beach chairs! It was perfect!

Paradise Beach is just that, a perfect little beach to get away from the crowds at Patong Beach. Don’t get me wrong, it’s crowded here during high season too – but, it still has the amazing feel of a private little beach, away from the madness of Patong.

There is a small admission charge to get in, and the beach chairs must be rented. You’ll pay for just about everything here, but that keeps out certain kinds of people, so look at it as a good thing. The drinks are excellent, and the food is local style – with snack food like French fries. The staff are very polite, and we’re betting you’re going to love it. We do!

Why Go to Paradise Beach?

  • Secluded beach away from Patong, but only a 10-minute drive
  • Incredibly beautiful beaches (3) and view
  • Drinks on the beach
  • Stand-up paddling, and snorkeling is amazing
  • ½ Moon Party monthly – just 1,000 THB includes a drink!

Oh, and about that bonus? If you walk away from the parking lot and restaurant area, you can climb a hill to the left that leads to this absolutely stunning boulder-filled bay where the snorkeling is fantastic. Bring your snorkeling gear and camera, you won’t want to miss this.

There is even another tiny beach you can find if you just go to the right around the rocks from Paradise Beach, it’s quite small, and sometimes there is nobody over there. You might steal away for a romantic moment!

Paradise Beach just might become your favorite beach on the Island of Phuket. It’s cozy, and has a very good vibe. Many people end up coming back over and over because other beaches don’t have this same environment. Try it and see what you think!

Another quiet beach within easy reach (10-minutes) of Patong Beach, Freedom Beach is a favorite for some travelers who return to it year after year. You’re also going to love it, if you can find it! We give directions below, but you’re going to need Google – trust us.

Open from October to April because the waves get bad during the low-season. Parking is 100 Thai Baht, and entrance is 200 THB. To reach the beach, there is a somewhat treacherous trek for thirty minutes down the hill through the jungle to reach the beach. Some people won’t make it through the jungle, it can be slippery with no steps and pavement, only dirt trail, and some would call it dangerous. You’ll make it because you’re single and can do anything!

The beach is scenic, but there is garbage at the end of the beach which some people can’t get over. You have to understand that this is the norm in Thailand, there are very few beaches in the country which are spotlessly clean. Hopefully this changes in the coming years!

Why Go to Freedom Beach?

  • Many shade trees with beach chairs
  • Private beach, so few people
  • Really picturesque!
  • Snorkeling is great on the north end
  • 10-minutes from Patong Beach

How to Get There?

By vehicle, take Patong Beach’s Beach Road going south until it turns, and follow it away from the beach, up past the Holiday Inn. The road turns right and goes out past the Simon Cabaret. Eight-hundred meters after the cabaret is a dirt and gravel road on the right, leading up a hill. There is no sign! Check it out on Google Maps (or Earth) and you’ll see exactly what this road looks like. Otherwise, you’ll miss it.

By longtail boat, bargain with the guys running the longtail boats to take you from Karon Beach. The cost will be around 1,000 THB. Coming by boat will save you the hike on the muddy jungle path, but you’ll still be charged the entrance fee.

Patong Beach is almost comparable with Pattaya, but it is better in so many ways. It’s cleaner, there is more to do, it’s more scenic, sunset is better, and there are far better beaches in Phuket than you can find anywhere near Pattaya (with the exception of Koh Chang Island!)

Patong Beach is the most heavily visited place in Thailand, outside of Bangkok. There are many flights coming direct to Phuket from other countries, and many flights each day from Bangkok, so it’s easy to see how the place can get so crowded.

During high-season, Patong Beach is always crowded. If you don’t like people, don’t come here because your patience will run thin! The streets are crowded with traffic, the sidewalks are crowded with pedestrians, the shopping areas are crowded, and yes, the beach is somewhat crowded too. It’s a good thing the beach is so large! At almost 3 kilometers long, there is plenty of space to hold a lot of people, and it’s no more crowded than beaches in Bali or Langkawi. Besides, when you stay at a hotel here, you’re right in the heart of the action!

The nightlife action, is at Soi Bangla. That’s Bangla Road. This road goes from Beach Road to Second Road (Ratuthit Road). The bars start opening around 5 – 6 pm., and some are open all day, so if you’re looking to get hammered at noon, you’ll find a bar open somewhere in Soi Bangla for sure.

At night, most people have a late dinner and start walking around Soi Bangla and the many cross streets, around 8 pm. By 10 pm. the place is in full effect, and nearly everyone has some alcohol in their system. You probably will too! There are open-air bars more than you could ever count, and there are massage places and go-go bars, sports bars, and gay and ladyboy bars. There’s really something for everyone.

Why Stay at Patong Beach?

  • Huge beach with every convenience – drinks, reclining chairs, shady trees
  • Activities – Jet skis (beware of scams!), parasailing, banana boats, paddleboards
  • Awesome hotels
  • Walk to anywhere you need to go – no need to rent vehicle or motorbike
  • Best restaurants!
  • Nightlife is amazing – best in Thailand in our opinion!

Top 3 Hotels for Singles in Patong Beach?

Novotel Phuket Resort
Located at the north end of Patong Beach, this hotel is up on the hill, about a 20-minute walk from Soi Bangla – in central Patong. Only a 2-minute walk to reach the beach!

One of their big claims to fame? They have the largest pool in Phuket!

Why Stay at the Novotel?

  • Upscale rooms with traditional Thai décor
  • Rooms have balconies and nice views over Patong Beach
  • Suites have Jacuzzis
  • 24/7 Room service
  • 3 Restaurants – one with fantastic Mediterranean style cuisine
  • 2 Bars
  • 3 Outdoor pools, gym, sauna, tennis courts

Baan Laimai Beach Resort

Right on Patong Beach toward the south end of the beach, a five-minute walk to Soi Bangla, is this great singles hotel that comes highly recommended with over 75% of reviewers at one online travel site giving it ‘very good’ to ‘excellent’ ratings.

Why Stay at the Baan Lamai?

  • Beachfront
  • Live band
  • Great burgers! Great seafood!
  • 99 THB beers – Happy hour all day!
  • Minutes to Soi Bangla – walking!
  • Close to massage shops and shopping, restaurants, all the essentials!

Burasari Patong Resort

Just like the hotel above, this one is in the same area and close to everything, but not on the beach, it’s a 2-minute walk. Food is excellent, and the staff are all brilliant. Many happy reviewers for this one. Consider booking a room with access directly to the swimming pool so you don’t need to reserve a reclining chair – they go quick!

Why Stay at the Burasuri?

  • Bigger rooms than average hotels in Patong
  • Great breakfast buffet – large choice – Thai and Western
  • Great location with access to everything – shopping, restaurants, etc.
  • Staff was fantastic – just about everyone commented on how great they were

What is the Best Way to Get to Phuket?

From Bangkok, you can take a plane from either Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) or Don Muang Airport (DMK) to Phuket International Airport (HKT). Planes fly direct into Phuket from many countries – Air Asia has many inbound flights.

You can also take a bus the entire distance, but not recommended! Trains go from Bangkok to Surat Thani, but then you need to take a van down from there to Phuket. Also, not recommended. Either fly in, or, if you’re in another place on the coast in Southern Thailand like Krabi, Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, or Trang, you can take a ferry to Phuket Island.

Not all singles will want to stay in the heart of Patong Beach, so you can head to Karon Beach, a mellow beach just south of Patong by ten minutes. The beach is long – over 3 kilometers (1.8 miles), and so large it never really gets too crowded, though quite a few people from Patong eventually explore it because it’s so close.

This is a really relaxed area compared to most beaches. The north part of Karon has lots of shade trees, and no real shopping, just a couple of resorts. You’ll need to walk into Karon town to do any shopping or find a restaurant away from your resort. This is a typical Thai beach town – lots of places to buy little things, massage shops everywhere you turn (legit, and probably some extras), and many Thai and foreign restaurants are available.

The waves here during off-season can be great for surfing – one of the spots on Phuket that we’d recommend. If the waves aren’t good, and you do want to try surfing, there is a standing wave just south in Kata Beach (10 minutes away) called “Surf House Phuket.” Even if you don’t surf, you can watch people try while you have a few cocktails and a meal in the restaurant!

Why Go to Karon Beach?

  • Quiet, but just a short drive to Patong Beach!
  • Great waves
  • Also close to Paradise Beach and Freedom Beach
  • Less stress, less crowds!

Where to Stay in Karon Beach?

Centara Grand Beach Resort
On the north end of Karon Beach, this perfect little hideaway is waiting for you to check in. They are right on the beach, but though the beach isn’t private, there are few people from the public who venture onto the beach there – you’ll only have your fellow guests to deal with. Note, if you don’t like kids much, you may be overwhelmed because the swimming pool is like a water park with slide and jumping platform. Families tend to book this hotel too.

Why Stay at Centara Grand?

  • Spa and gym open 24-hours, Muay Thai trainer available
  • Restaurants
  • Swimming pools and wet bars – resembling a water park
  • Snorkeling along the rocky coast
  • Tennis court!
  • Excellent sunsets

Coming to Phuket as a single person is a bold move, but millions of people do it each year. Our recommendation is that you stay in Patong Beach because you’ll see a lot more people, and probably meet up with someone who you can team up with to explore the island. That makes it more fun for most people. If you really want to be alone, and put the emphasis on relaxation, the Centara Grand Resort in Karon Beach will be the perfect place to stay for many singles looking for a low-key vacation, with easy access to Patong when the craving hits.

Whatever you choose, enjoy yourself, you’re coming to one of the most amazing islands in the world in terms of the variety of things available to do! Try some new activities and definitely try some new food. Thai food doesn’t only consist of what you find on the menu in your home country!


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