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Phuket’s 8 Best Private Beaches

Best Private Phuket Beaches

If there’s one post you should read in our Phuket Beaches Series, this one is it! Here we tell you about the eight best private Phuket beaches that are beautiful. Sort of. Let me explain. Some beaches on the island of Phuket are hard to reach. Some are virtually private because the land access to reach the beach is owned privately, and there is sometimes no easy way to reach the beach. Other beaches, though it seems to go against Thai law, are blatantly private and commercialized.

“Why Would You Want to Visit One of these 8 Private Phuket Beaches?”

If you’re the type of person who values the idea of fewer people on the beach, the better, you will want to seek out some of the beaches listed below. Not all are empty though, Paradise Beach can actually be crowded. Some love it, and some don’t. You might want to have a look. It’s located very close to Patong Beach and it has a unique vibe that some people like.

What Are Private Beaches Like in Phuket?

There are plenty of free beaches in Phuket that you can visit anytime you choose – and get in without paying any sort of fee for parking or crossing the property to reach the beach. At these beaches, you can bring your own stuff, and if you don’t mind the crowds or the lack of anything extra to do, you’ll have a great time.

The best private Phuket beaches almost always have fewer people because there is only a certain percentage of visitors to the island that would consider paying for the privilege of staying on a private beach with fees for entering the beach.

What do we think? We enjoy both private and public beaches in Phuket! There’s something to be said for both. What really matters is the vibe at the beach, the atmosphere – right? If it’s a beach that you love, you’ll pay the simple fees to enjoy yourself there all day. Either way, we’re sure you’ll find something you love on this beautiful island!

Let’s start with one of the most stunning private beaches on Phuket Island.


This southwest facing beach just north of Bangtao Beach is certainly one of the most stunning beaches on the island, and yet most tourists to Phuket will never make the small effort required to go see Trisara Beach!

Why is that? Simply because it isn’t accessible from the highway.

The word Trisara in the Sanskrit language means, “The garden in the third heaven.” In reality, it’s a lovely place and worthy of the name! Trisara is a small beach at just 174 meters (190 yd.) long and about 14 meters (15 yd.) wide on average.

Trisara Beach is home to the high-end Trisara Resort, a 5-star private resort which has not provided public access to the beach from the roads behind the resort. To reach the resort you come by Highway 4018 and enter through their private entrance.

Now, maybe you could drive in there and find a place to park without anyone being alerted to the fact that you’re not staying at the resort, but it’s not likely. Take the easy way to reach the beach instead – longtail boat.

Trisara Beach is a short ride in a longtail boat from Bangtao or Naithon beaches, and anyone can use this method to reach this private beach. You may not be made to feel welcome once you arrive, but you should be able to enjoy yourself regardless! A boat ride from a nearby beach might cost 1,500 THB for two people, or you could save some money by adding more people to the boat. We went with a group of six persons a few months back and we paid 2,000 THB for the trip.

Do make an attempt to bargain the price down as far as you can get it!

Trisara Beach is fantastic for swimming and snorkeling if you avoid the submerged rocks. It’s also perfect for just laying out on your beach mat and looking at the amazing view around you. Trees line the beach, and there usually aren’t many people out on the sand, most are being pampered inside the Trisara Resort.
Trisara Beach has white powdered sand that is some of the brightest white sand on the island. The beach is not wide, and probably not the best for throwing a Frisbee or kicking a ball, but it’s quite idyllic and one of the nicest little beaches on Phuket if your aim is relaxation.

Snorkeling is fun at Trisara, there are many rocks underwater in this location and you’ll find an abundance of fish and other sea life. Windsurfing boards are also available for adventurous guests of the resort.

Best Places to Eat at Trisara Beach?

This is a private beach, so there are no food stands or on-the-beach restaurants at Trisara.
Trisara Resort has three restaurants available – PRU; The Deck; and the Thai Seafood restaurant. The restaurants here generally get very good reviews but do be aware that even simple meals of fried rice are going to cost hundreds of Thai Baht per plate. Prices are roughly four-times the rate of a simple restaurant in Phuket. The staff at all their restaurants use organic food when possible, and the staff is highly responsive to special requests.

Where is the Best Place to Stay at Trisara Beach?

Well, the best place to stay is actually the only place to stay at Trisara Beach! Trisara Resort is a luxurious 5-star property with villas on the hill overlooking the blue Andaman Sea. This resort gets high ratings in all areas. There is plenty to do, including a 45-meter (50 yd.) lap pool filled with saltwater near the beach, and small private pools come with each villa. If you’re interested, some of the villas are available for purchase.

You won’t be bored staying at the Trisara, there are yoga and meditation classes as well as staff to teach Thai food cooking! The rate per night at Trisara starts around 17,000 THB in the low-season. Make your reservations early if you want to experience this first-rate resort. Oh, and don’t forget, the rate includes free round-trip transportation to the Phuket International Airport (HKT). This is a great feature, as it saves you around 2,000 THB.

For more detailed information about Trisara Beach you may visit the Trisara Beach detail page.


Nai Thorn Beach is a lovely west coast beach just next to Banana Beach on the north side. This is a private beach because the Andaman White Beach Resort owns the property behind the beach and doesn’t provide any public beach access. “Nai Thorn Beach” doesn’t even show up on Google Maps, it can be found simply by looking for the resort name instead.

The best way to reach Nai Thorn Beach is to take a longtail boat from an adjacent beach like either Nai Thon or Bangtao Beach. Nai Thorn is another beach where you won’t be made to feel welcome when arriving by boat, but there will likely not be many people at the beach anyway.

Nai Thorn Beach isn’t close to either Patong Beach or Phuket Town, but it is in close proximity to the Phuket International Airport (HKT)at just 9 kilometers (5.6 mi.) away.

You’ll love the fine, soft and deep sand of Nai Thorn Beach. This lovely beach faces directly west and is one of the best beaches to enjoy the sunset from as you’ll have an unobstructed view of the sun setting any time of year – you know, assuming no clouds! Phuket is known for having some of the best sunsets in the world.

What is Fun to Do at Nai Thorn Beach?

This is a great beach for walking or jogging on – though it’s a bit short if you’re looking for a long workout. Nai Thorn is about 300 meters (328 yd.) long and 60 meters (66 yd.) wide. The beach is plenty wide enough to throw a disc, football, or kick a soccer ball around the sand. Beach darts or pétanque are fun games for the beach as long as you can get far enough away from other beachgoers. Bring something fun to do or you might not find something there for you.

The emerald green Andaman Sea at Nai Thorn Beach is stunning, and this is an ideal spot for soaking your feet in the waves as you lounge around on a floating recliner.

The ocean is of course, warm year-round, and swimming and wading are good as long as you’re paying attention to avoid submerged rocks.

Don’t forget to bring your snorkeling gear! There are some great rocky areas at both ends of the beach that beg to be explored. Don’t forget your “Diver Down” flotation flag if you do decide to snorkel. Longtail boat drivers are not the most aware seamen! There is a large area for snorkeling on the north end, where you could snorkel for 708 meters (774 yd.), going all the way to Nai Thon Beach. Going south, you can snorkel around 470 meters (514 yd.) of coast until you reach Banana Beach.

Nai Thorn Beach doesn’t have all that much to do, though beach chairs and umbrellas are available for guests of the hotel. They also have a small number of sea kayaks and stand-up paddleboards for adventurous guests.

Any Good Restaurants at Nai Thorn Beach?

There are no food stalls or other options for food or drinks at this beach, so if you do choose to come by longtail boat, you should pack what you need in a small ice-chest you can pick up at Tesco or Big C department stores.

We really believe if you’re looking for a nice little semi-private beach to spend a couple care-free days at, you’d have to look hard to find something better than staying at Nai Thorn Beach at the Andaman White Beach Hotel. The hotel is reasonably priced during the low-season.

Where to Stay at Nai Thorn Beach? You’ve Got One Choice!

The Andaman White Beach Resort takes up the entire area behind the beach. You really should consider booking a room here for a night or two, as the beach is near perfect, and then you’ll have access to the chairs and umbrellas, restrooms, bar, restaurant, massage, and other health spa type services.

This resort is rated highly for service, location, staff politeness and friendliness, and good food at the restaurant. The only negative we could find mentioned by more than a couple of reviewers was the fact that the staff doesn’t speak English at a high level and communication is sometimes difficult. Welcome to Thailand! This is the norm and shouldn’t put you off the place.

Views are nice from the bungalows, pool, and the rest of the property at the Andaman White Beach Resort. You’ll enjoy sunsets on beach chairs with a cold drink in your hand during magical evenings here. Don’t miss the free breakfast and complimentary fruit and juice during the day. Most guests seem to eat here at the restaurant for most meals because most people find the meals quite satisfying.

Rooms start around 4,000 THB per night during low-season, which we think is really quite reasonable considering the location, great food, and picture-perfect beach!

For more detailed information about Nai Thorn Beach you may visit the Nai Thorn Beach detail page.


Imagine one of the nicest picturesque private beaches on the island of Phuket, easy to reach from Patong Beach, and sunsets to die for! That’s Laem Singh Beach. At least when it’s open!
The land behind the stunningly beautiful Laem Singh Beach is privately owned and the owners charge a fee for parking at the top of the hill above the beach just off Highway 4025. There is nowhere else to park and walk to the entrance, so it’s either park there and pay their fee or take a longtail boat around from Surin or Kamala beaches.

If you come by vehicle, you’ll park at the top of the hill just south of Surin Beach and pay a small fee for your car or motorbike (under 100 THB). Coming by longtail boat, you’ll pay 1,000 to 2,000 THB depending on how many people are in your group.

Once you arrive at Laem Singh Beach, you’ll be wondering what there is to do. Not much! This is one of those beaches where there’s no real action going on. There are no paddleboards, surfboards, bodyboards, sea kayaks, or anything else to rent here. The sand is sometimes dirty, and under the trees there are sometimes piles of garbage that someone should have taken away. It’s really a shame that one of the nicest beaches in all of Phuket is not taken care of very well – but welcome anyway!

Laem Singh Beach is about 250 meters (273 yd.) long and very wide at around 40 meters (44 yd.).

This is one of the prime beaches on the west coast, and all over the island. All over Thailand, really. The sand is white and deep. The water is shallow for some distance and makes wading comfortable for adults and also children in some spots. Be aware of the rocks under the surface. Scout the area first before letting children play here. Cut feet are no fun! The water is usually clear and clean during the tourist high season, and there is no waste-water discharge here at the beach because there are no resorts or businesses close by.

Any Fun Activities at Laem Singh?

Some entrepreneur has put beach chairs and umbrellas at the beach, and you might find jet skis and parasailing boats here as well depending on how many people are at the beach that day.

Where to Eat at Laem Singh Beach?

The restaurant on the beach is gone, but you are encouraged to bring your own food and make a picnic out of it. Be sure to pick up your trash before you leave! Because there is no restaurant, there are no restrooms at Laem Singh. This might mean a short visit for you and your family.

One nice feature of this beach is the number of shady trees over the sandy beach. You can find a semi-private spot for relaxing – especially easy in the morning hours before the hungover tourists wake up and become active.

Another great feature is that the snorkeling is really good here – bring your gear!

Twenty years ago, Laem Singh Beach wasn’t even marked by a sign on the road. There were only a handful of people at the beach at the most, and only those who stopped to see if there was a view of the ocean found the path leading down the hill to the beach. I remember the fee for parking my motorbike was just 5 THB back then! Ahh, the good old days.

These days, there are sometimes a hundred people or more here. The beach is still quite beautiful, but this private beach is possibly the least private beach on Phuket. No, wait, Paradise Beach is the least private of the ‘private’ beaches! Laem Singh is a close second.

Where to Stay at Laem Singh Beach?

At the present time, there is no resort on or near the beach. It’s unlikely that one will be built in the near future. Stay instead at Kamala or Patong Beach, it’s just a short drive to Laem Singh from either of these beaches.

2018 Update: The land behind Laem Singh Beach appears to have been confiscated by the authorities. Access by the path from the highway is not permissible. However, the beach is open, and arriving by longtail boat is still possible. Laem Singh is currently open year-round if coming by boat.

For more detailed information about Laem Singh Beach you may visit the Laem Singh Beach detail page.


Ok, this is the least private beach on this list, but it is beautiful, and some people love it, so we’ve included it here. Paradise Beach is another one of those beaches that was indescribably beautiful two decades ago, but it has changed with time and was rebuilt (overbuilt) after the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004.

Getting to Paradise Beach is a sort of adventure. All you do is come south on Beach Road from Patong Beach and climb a hill and come down a hill to arrive in Tri Trang Beach. From there, it’s a steep climb up and then around a winding path through the rainforest to reach Paradise Beach. In the past, this was a rather treacherous journey. Today there is a taxi service to take you there safely. For a price. Everything at Paradise Beach is available for a price!

If you’re a skilled motorbike driver, you won’t have a problem driving the short distance yourself. Some intrepid travelers choose to walk the distance, but in the heat, the short journey up and down the hill can be exhausting. You’re probably better off to take advantage of the cheap taxi service if you’re not in great shape.

Is Paradise Beach Crowded?

Let’s get this out of the way up front. Yes, it can be crowded here at Paradise Beach. Over the years there have been more and more visitors finding out about this private area, and the crowd grows all the time. The area is small, with a total beach length around 200 meters (219 yd.). The beach is not wide, so if there are more than fifty people or so, it can feel crowded. Paradise Beach certainly has more than fifty people there each day during the high season!

We’d tell you what this place was like years ago, but I think you might be tired of hearing just how amazing Phuket’s beaches have been in the past. We’re also tired of thinking about it!

What is the Beach Like?

Paradise Beach is jam-packed with plastic lounge chairs and umbrellas to maximize use of the small space available. Restroom, showers and the restaurant are close to the beach and the music is going constantly. If you don’t like the music, you’re not going to like the beach!

Early morning is, of course, less crowded than the afternoons. Paradise Beach is generally crowded from noon and later, whether high or low tourist season. During the full and half-moon parties, it can get very crowded with well over 100 people partying until after midnight.

The beach itself is quite beautiful with powdery white sand and crystal-clear water on most days. There are some submerged rocks but wading in the shallow is possible.

From the beach, there is a view of the north section of Patong Beach

What to Do at Paradise Beach?

Today Paradise Beach is a very commercial beach with fees for just about everything. There are more places to eat, more bars, and even a dive shop where you can rent diving, snorkeling, and other equipment.

We recommend snorkeling here, but even better if you take a walk over the small hill where you’ll find a boulder-strewn beach with fantastic water for snorkeling. The water is deep but snorkeling around the small bay is quite fun and safe as long as the waves are small.

Half and full-moon parties are a big attraction at Paradise Beach. There are multiple bars and a loud sound system that some people will enjoy.

If you’re bored, you can take a walk through the convenience shop that is behind the beach. No kidding, they seem to have thought of everything here!

Of course, you can also enjoy Thai massage at Paradise Beach, and many people do.

Any Places to Eat at Paradise Beach?

Yes, plenty of food is on offer from the establishments at the beach. Try the barbeque grill for some great lunch or dinner. The main restaurant is close to the parking area. They have tables with umbrellas overhead placed right on the sand. It’s a bit more expensive than most places in Patong Beach, but after all, it’s the view and atmosphere that you’re paying for.

Any Idea what the Fees are at Paradise Beach?

Yes, of course, a recent sampling shows the following fees when we visited in early 2018.

  • Entering the beach – 200 THB per person
  • Chair and Umbrella (all day) – 150 THB
  • Snorkeling Gear (all day) – 300 THB
  • Life Jacket – 100 THB
  • Taxi Service up and down the hill (each way) – 100 THB

Recently the staff at the beach started selling a ticket that includes some of the things mentioned above. Just ask about it when you arrive.

Where to Stay at Paradise Beach?

Though they seem to have everything else, there is no resort to stay at in the Paradise Beach complex. However, you can stay at any hotel or resort in Patong Beach and you will be located very close by – within minutes if you’re near the south end of Patong.

For more detailed information about Paradise Beach you may visit the Paradise Beach detail page.

If someone asked us to pick our favorite private beach, Freedom Beach would definitely be one of our Top 3 private Phuket beaches.

Located on the west coast of Phuket between Patong Beach and Karon Beach, Freedom Beach is a lovely beach set in a cove facing to the west. Freedom Beach is private in the sense that the owners of the land behind the beach charge a 200 THB fee per person entering the beach from the road leading to the path down the hill.
Though the beach is lovely, and definitely worth 200 THB for the privilege of enjoying such a nice place, one annoying practice is the staff prohibiting bringing your own food to the beach. They want you to buy from their restaurant which charges exorbitant fees for some things. Coconuts which you can buy on any street in Patong for 30 THB, are 100 THB for instance. Other than that, and if you don’t mind paying extra for the food and drinks, it’s a lovely place.

Some of you might not be healthy enough for hiking the challenging path down and back up the hill to reach the beach. You need not go by vehicle from the highway. Instead, you can simply take a longtail boat from Karon Beach or the southern end of Patong Beach or some other beach on Phuket’s west coast. There’s no fee when coming by boat, but then you will be paying 500 to 1,500 THB for the boat ride.
Freedom Beach is about 250 meters long (273 yd.) and 30 meters (33 yd.) wide, that’s plenty wide and spacious enough for the number of tourists who make the effort to reach this private beach. You won’t find Freedom Beach to be empty when you arrive unless you’re here in the early morning hours before 9 am. Even so, some adventurous tourist might beat you here first! On a crowded day, there can be 200 people at this popular private beach.

The private cove gives Freedom Beach a nice remote feeling, as does the winding road to reach it. There are plenty of shade trees to help you stay out of the direct sun, or you can follow the pack and rent a hard-wood lounge chair (padded) and umbrella.

The sand is white and deep, some of the best sand we’ve seen on Phuket. There are leafy bushes on the beach which gives it a different sort of feel than some of the other beaches. Large rocks cover both ends of the beach.

The water is virtually rock free in some areas, making it great for wading, swimming, or other ocean activities. The north and south ends are covered in rocks and boulders and unsurprisingly the snorkeling here at Freedom Beach is some of the best on the island, and highly recommended. Bring your own gear – you’ll get better equipment that is safer, cleaner, a better fit, and you’ll enjoy snorkeling more with your own equipment.

One really nice feature of Freedom Beach is that you will not hear much traffic from the highway because the main road is over 1 kilometer away (.6 mi.).

What Sort of Activities are at Freedom Beach?

Not much in the way of activities. We mentioned that the snorkeling is epic. The views are spectacular, it’s really a lovely little beach. You can take a longtail boat from here to other beaches. Most people lay around on their lounge chairs and relax, a refreshing break from the noise and activity going on in Patong Beach. There are no kayaks or paddle boards for rent here, it’s a low-key beach with very little going on except visitors enjoying the mellow vibe of the place.

Where to Eat at Freedom Beach?

If you’re coming by boat, the beach is public, and you can bring whatever food you wish and eat it at your pleasure. If you come by land, you will be asked to leave food there at the entrance and not take it to the beach. Ridiculous, but owners of land around Paradise Beach also do this.

There is a small food stand here where you can buy snacks and beverages. As mentioned, the cost is higher than it probably should be, but many people pay it and don’t think twice because they’re on vacation and it’s still cheaper than back in their home country. Up to you what you do! Do let us know if you have any negative experience with bringing your own food.

Where to Stay at Freedom Beach?

Like Paradise Beach, this little beach has no resort, hotel, or even bungalows built on the property surrounding the beach. Staying anywhere in Phuket or Karon will put you close enough for a short ride to Freedom Beach.

Where to Stay at Freedom Beach?

Like Paradise Beach, this little beach has no resort, hotel, or even bungalows built on the property surrounding the beach. Staying anywhere in Phuket or Karon will put you close enough for a short ride to Freedom Beach.

For more detailed information about Freedom Beach you may visit the Freedom Beach detail page.

Karon Noi Beach is south of Patong Beach by about 9 km (5.6 mi.) and just north of the much larger Karon Yai Beach or as most call it, just Karon Beach. Noi means small in Thai. Some people call this Le Meridien Beach because the hotel takes up all the land behind it. This is another case where the hotel doesn’t like to provide access to the public beach through their property, and the best way to see the beach if you’re not staying at the hotel is to just take a longtail boat from Karon Beach for 500 to 1,000 THB.

If you’re against taking a boat, the hotel will sell you a ‘day pass’ to walk through their property and reach the beach. Nice of them, right? The pass is around 2,000 THB per person and includes the use of the common areas at the hotel like the swimming pools, lounge chairs, umbrellas, towels, showers, and lunch.

Karon Noi Beach is a really lovely little beach in a quiet bay surrounded by trees. The sand is quite white and soft but missing are some shade trees. The sand is relatively free of rocks and trash.

What to Do for Fun at Karon Noi Beach?

If you’re a surfer, this could be your ideal private little surf spot. Few surfers will pay the fee to come and enjoy the waves if they’re not staying at the resort already, so there will be very few other surfers at this beach. Probably none! Waves can be good here from May to November during the low-season.

Snorkeling can be good here offshore and on the north end of the beach near the rocks. Once you’ve explored that, there is a coral reef around 100 meters (109 yd.) offshore. However, the water is quite deep there in the bay and snorkeling won’t be as productive as at the north end of the beach where you can explore for about 2 kilometers (1.2 mi.) if you’re the adventurous type.

Food Options at Karon Noi Beach?

There are a couple of restaurants on the grounds at Le Meridien Resort, which were all rated highly by online reviewers. One of them even serves great Indian food (one of our favorites). Japanese, Italian, barbeque, and Thai food are also served on a daily basis. This pretty much covers most people’s taste in food!

Where to Stay at Karon Noi Beach?

There is only one place to stay at this beach, Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort. This is a really nice resort, and you’ll be happy you chose to stay here. We recommend booking rooms at this resort if you want to stay in a 5-star resort at the southern tip of Phuket.

Le Meridien Phuket Beach Resort receives great ratings online for spacious rooms with great views, an incredible list of things to do, and great service. There are massive swimming pools that connect. It’s possible to swim across all of them and go for over 100 meters. Not joking! There are a great many amenities and things to do if you’re staying at this resort. Guests can enjoy the large common pools, wet bars, a lap pool, kayaks, a big workout room with many machines and free-weights, golf driving range, tennis, beach volleyball, rock climbing, ping pong, exercise and yoga classes, and even SCUBA and sailboat lessons!

Karon Noi Beach is rather remote, and it isn’t very convenient to walk to any sort of shopping place or even a 7-11 convenience store. Bring what you need to your room if you want to attempt to save some money on food, beverages, and other items.

Reviewers of Le Meridien give the resort very high marks. Fully 88% of reviewers said their stay was very good or excellent. Rates at Le Meridien begin around 4,000 THB per night in the low-season. Book early, there are many rooms but at times this big resort is fully booked.

For more detailed information about Karon Noi Beach you may visit the Karon Noi Beach detail page.

Pansea Beach is a lovely little 450-meter-long (492 yd.) beach on the northwest coast of Phuket Island, just north of another of our favorite beaches, Surin Beach. Pansea faces west, perfect for cool mornings and sundowners as you watch the sunset. Phuket has some amazing sunsets, and you should put a couple of nights of sunsets on a west-facing beach on your bucket list.

Pansea Beach is wide and filled with soft, almost white sand. This beach is fairly clean, and there must be a clean-up detail at least every couple of days to ensure it remains free of trash washing up on the beach. The beach here is generally uncrowded, though there are two large resorts here – the Amanpuri and The Surin.

These two resorts effectively take up all the land behind Pansea Beach and that’s why it’s on our list of private Phuket beaches. Neither place offers public access to the beach over their property. This is unfortunate, because the beach is one of the most beautiful on Phuket and many people cannot afford to stay at either of these five-star resorts with their 20,000 THB rate per night.

Here’s a recent tip – the steep path up the hill between Surin Beach and Pansea has been blocked with a fence, you can no longer reach Pansea via this route.

The other option available for people not wanting to spend so much money on accommodations is to take a small longtail boat from Surin Beach or Bangtao Beach to reach Pansea. The cost will be cheap because it’s close by.

Activities at Pansea Beach?

Pansea is great for swimming and wading, and kids will have a good time splashing around. There’s even some snorkeling at either end, like at most Phuket beaches. There is the occasional submerged coral reef, rock, or sharp shells, so do be careful.

At times, there is a beach volleyball net on the south end of Pansea Beach in front of The Surin resort.

Surfing is another activity you can enjoy during swells or storms, and the waves can be quite good. This is another spot where you’ll likely have all the nice waves to yourself if you make the effort to be here on a good swell.

Food Options at Pansea Beach?

As mentioned, there are two large five-star resorts here and there isn’t any area marked off for food stalls like you can find at many other beaches in Thailand. There are some very good and high-class restaurants at Amanpuri and The Surin that you can try – nobody will ask if you’re staying at the resort, anyone can eat meals here. There are tables set up right on the beach, and the atmosphere is unbeatable for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Where to Stay at Pansea Beach?

The Surin Phuket is located at the south end of Pansea and has luxury villas built on the hillside overlooking the beach. This is a smaller resort, with a more personal feel to it than the Amanpuri on the north side of the beach. If you’d prefer the extra attention, you can’t go wrong at this resort. Light colored interiors and exteriors give The Surin Phuket a clean look to go along with its ultra-clean grounds. Book early, they tend to fill up quickly each season.

Here’s a tip to help you save a lot of money – during off-season, the rates plummet to as low as 6,000 THB per night!

The Amanpuri resort is even more spectacular with its larger area and more food and activity options. Large luxury villas cover the small peninsula on the north side of Pansea Beach. The choice of views is much better at Amanpuri, some even give a view of Bangtao Beach.

Both resorts have tennis courts and a host of other activities you can do while there.

Both the Amanpuri and The Surin Phuket receive exceptional ratings from past guests, and you will surely have an incredible stay at either of these fine resorts.

For more detailed information about Pansea Beach you may visit the Pansea Beach detail page.

Pon Beach, also called Yae Beach, can be found to the far northwest of Patong Beach. If you are standing on Patong Beach at the southern end, you can see Pon Beach on a clear day because it’s relatively close, only about 4.8 kilometers (3 mi.) away. Pon Beach faces south-southwest and though the views are pretty, it doesn’t get the uninterrupted view west for the perfect sunset photos.

Pon Beach is tiny compared to most Phuket beaches, and measures just 200 meters (219 yd.) long and about 22 meters (24 yd.) wide on average. The beach quality is really nice, with deep sand and very few rocks in the middle of the beach. At either end there are the usual rocky spots characteristic of beaches on Phuket’s west coast.

Careful wading and swimming is advised due to the high number of submerged rocks.

Pon Beach is impossible to reach from land, but you can of course take a longtail boat from another nearby beach if you want to see it. The longtail boats cannot get in to shore because of the coral reef, so in effect, this makes Pon Beach quite private. Keep in mind, there is nothing to do here if you’re not staying at the resort anyway. The beach, while nice, is not worth the effort in our opinion. There are far more picturesque spots on Phuket and the islands to explore, we suggest you choose one!

Activities at Pon Beach?

Good question! If you’re staying at The Naka Phuket you’ll be able to enjoy their facilities which include swimming pools, gym and spa, and Nana Beach Bar.

There is a sloped wall of rocks above the water on the east side of the beach where you can explore a bit.

There is no lifeguard present at the beach, but they do post warning flags and warn people away from the beach during periods of larger waves, likely due to the strong currents.

Sea kayaks can be rented near the beach bar at the east end of the beach. Snorkeling is good too, as long as the water is flat and without any sort of waves.

Note – there is no surfing here, the beach faces the wrong way.

Where to Eat at Pon Beach?

The Naka Phuket has a couple of places to eat, including a full-service restaurant and the Nana Beach Bar, which receives good reviews online. This beach is located amidst a group of other private resorts and there are no food stalls available to buy cheap food or drinks while here at the beach.

Accommodations at Pon Beach

The Naka Phuket, with its very modern 96 private luxury villas is the only place to stay at Pon Beach, and though it’s a nice place, it won’t be for everyone. Golf cart service can take you around the resort, but there is often a delay in getting one. The grounds are large, so if you’re not comfortable walking in the heat, this will be a bit of a challenge for you. The rates during low season start around 12,000 THB for private villas.

For more detailed information about Pon (Yae) Beach you may visit the Pon (Yae) Beach detail page.



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