Phuket Beaches

Alex 2 Beach Phuket

Alex 2 Beach Phuket

Alex 2 Beach is a small beach that is out of the way, and not usually packed with people. If you want to get away from Patong, this is about as far as you can get. How this beach came to be named Alex 2 – is anyone’s guess. Someone knows the story, but…

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Ao Sane Beach Phuket

Ao Sane Beach Phuket

Just before you reach Nai Harn Beach from Patong, you can stop at Ao Sane Beach, a small 175-meter-long (191 yards) beach ideal for families who want to lay on towels on the beach, and also for people wanting to snorkel and explore the underwater world. There are not usually many people at this beach in the early morning, but as the day wears on, it can get crowded because it isn’t large.

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Ao Yon Beach Phuket

Ao Yon (Yai) Beach

Ao Yon Beach Phuket, also known as Ao Yon Yai (big Ao Yon Beach) is just south of Phuket Town on the end of an irregular shaped cape on the southeast side of Phuket Island. Ao Yon Beach is not the most beautiful spot in Phuket, but it’s somewhere scenic to go if you’re in town and craving the beach and don’t want to go for a drive.

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Ao Yon Noi Beach Phuket

Ao Yon Noi Beach

Just east of Ao Yon Yai Beach is Ao Yon Noi Beach. This one is much smaller, and some people prefer it because there are even fewer people. This is a real locals beach, but of course you’re free to hang out! Ao Yon Noi Beach is smaller, quieter, and co…

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Banana Beach Phuket

Banana Beach Phuket

Just north of Laguna Beach on Phuket’s amazing west side is Banana Beach! OK, admittedly, this beach might take just over 30-minutes to reach from Patong, but as you know, everything depends on traffic. If you’re going during low-season you’ll probably arrive much quicker than during high-season! Google maps lists this as a ‘mellow beach in a remote locale.’ That sums it up! Sixty-five visitors rated it 4.4 stars out of 5, and it is telling that there are not more ratings. This beach really doesn’t get the heavy traffic like some others on Phuket.

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Bang Tao Beach | Bangtao Beach

Bang Tao Beach | Phuket Beaches

Bang Tao Beach is around 7 kilometers (4 mi.) long from top to bottom, and is a west facing beach – ideal for sunsets. In that stretch are a number of other privately named beaches like Momo beach, Ottoman beach, and Rattan Beach. Bang Tao Beach is cov…

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Cape Panwa Beach

Cape Panwa Beach Phuket

Cape Panwa Beach is a medium sized beach on Phuket’s east coast, at the tip of tip of Cape Panwa. The high hill above the beach serves to give Cape Panwa Beach a secluded feel. It is convenient from Phuket Town take a short 12 km. (7.5 mi.) drive down to the beaches of Cape Panwa. Cape Panwa isn’t a great swimming beach, wading beach, snorkeling or windsurfing beach. It’s basically just a nice escape from Phuket Town and development on the island. People who need a break from town will come down to have a long lunch at Cape Panwa Beach or maybe take a boat to one of the islands just off shore.

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Cape Panwa Hotel Beach

Cape Panwa Hotel Beach, Phuket

Cape Panwa Hotel Beach ? Cape Panwa is a peninsula stretching out into the Andaman Sea just south of Phuket Town on the amazing tropical Island of Phuket. At the end of the peninsula where it gets noticeably thinner, is located the Cape Panwa Hotel Bea…

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Cape Yamu Beach Phuket

Cape Yamu Beach Phuket

Located on Phuket’s northeast side on a parallel with west coast beach, Bang Tao. Cape Yamu Beach is found to the northeast of Phuket City, just north from Coconut Island. The beach is found on the north side of the Cape Yamu peninsula. There are a number of luxury villas in this area, and it is generally quiet and less travelled. Beaches are not the best, with muddy water, muddy bottom, and dirt mixed with sand on the shore. Cape Yamu is not a primary destination for vacationers, so in that respect, it’s nice and chill. This is a nice little spot to go on Phuket’s east side to see the water and some islands.

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Chalong Bay | Beach

Chalong Bay | Beach Phuket. In front of Ao Chalong Villa & Spa

Located on Phuket’s east side below the Phuket Zoo, Chalong Bay is best known as a spot for sailors to anchor a boat in the protected zone around the Chalong Pier. Chalong Bay Beach is more a collection of beaches along the Chalong Bay sub district of…

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Chandara Beach Phuket

Shadow under trees @ Chandara Beach Phuket

Facing south on Phang Nga Bay near the very top of the east side of Phuket Island is this little sandy beach with a small pier facing some of Phuket’s coolest islands, Ko Raet and Ko Naka Yai and Noi. The water of Chandara Beach is often filled with small yachts and other boats anchored in this somewhat protected space. There are a number of places to stay close to the beach for boat owners, we review Chandara Resort & Spa Phuket below.

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Freedom Beach Phuket

Freedom Beach | Phuket Beaches

About 330 meters (361 yards) long and 30 meters (33 yards) wide, this remote hidden beach is located in a prime spot, away from the crowds of Patong which is found just a few minutes north. Freedom Beach sits just to the northwest of Le Meridien Beach and southeast of Merlin Beach. Parking is off the main road, and will cost 100 THB. A steep 20-minute downhill hike brings you to this gorgeous beach. This is one of the few beaches on Phuket that charges admission. Upon entrance, they ask for a 200 THB fee.

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Friendship Beach

Friendship Beach Phuket

Friendship beach is a very basic beach with some sand. I can’t be more energetic about it than that. You probably wouldn’t come here for the beach. The allure of the place is that it is conveniently located just north of Rawai, and you have easy access…

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Haad Pak Phra Beach

Haad Pak Phra Beach Phuket

Haad Pak Phra Beach (aka Hat Pak Phra Beach) is a local beach that isn’t frequented by tourists, and if you stop, you’re going to be stared …

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Heeowhat Beach

Heeowhat Beach Phuket

Heeowhat Beach is another one of those beaches you probably shouldn’t go out of your way to visit unless you’re on a quest to see all the

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Hua Beach

Hua Beach Kamala, Phuket

Hua Beach facing due north, is found just before the better-known Kamala Beach as you’re headed north on Phuket Island away from Patong Beach.

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Iguana Beach, Kalim

Iguana Beach, Kalim | Phuket Beaches

  Iguana beach is a very small beach in the corner of a cove in front of a beach bar. The beach is so small and so without any redeeming qualities, that you are best to skip it if you’re really just looking for a beautiful beach to hang out at for…

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Jungle Beach | Krating Beach

Krating Beach | Jungle Beach | Naiharn Phuket

Jungle Beach or Krating Beach, located to the west of Ao Sane Beach near Naiharn Beach, is this tiny beach with just a small spot of sand, and a lot of rocks. The Jungle Beach Resort (Baan Krating Jungle Resort) is up on the hill behind the beach on La…

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Kalim Beach

Kalim Beach Phuket

Probably one of the most unique beach in Phuket is Kalim Beach. While it is not the most beautiful or the best for swimming, it does hold its own certain charm that no other beach on the island offers. As you drive up past Patong Beach, you’ll quickly…

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Kamala Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach Phuket

Kamala Beach is found to the north of Patong Beach on Phuket’s west coast, just north above the center of the island (north to south). Highway 4233 from Patong goes right to Kamala. In the past, Kamala was nothing more than a local Muslim fishing village that hadn’t been built up, but after the tsunami the area changed. Today Kamala is filled with luxury villas. Most places to eat near the beach can be found around the southern end of Kamala Beach.

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Karon Beach Phuket

Karon Beach

At 3.3 kilometers (2 miles) in length and more than 30 meters (33 yards) wide in most places, this is a huge beach that gets a lot of traffic, but still, you can easily find a pleasant spot without too many people. The sand here is soft, but not powdery, and there is the occasional piece of trash laying around, but if you’re looking for a beach to go to with easy parking and some shopping or places to eat right across the street, this is a good beach to visit. Just jump on Highway 4233 going south from Patong Beach and you’ll be there in about twenty minutes.

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Kata Beach Phuket

Kata Beach Phuket | View of the south part of the beach

This tree-lined beach on Phuket’s west side just south of Patong Beach is a popular favorite because of its proximity to Patong. Many travelers choose to stay here and avoid the busy streets of Patong Beach. Kata Beach is 1.5 kilometers (almost 1 mile) long and around 25 meters (27 yards) wide. This is a big beach with a lot of sand!

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Kata Noi Beach Phuket

Kata Noi Beach | Phuket

Know what this beach is best for? We’ll tell you in a minute… At 700+ meters (almost a half-mile) long, this is the smaller sibling of Kata Beach just next to it. Though the beach is large and many people visit, you can still get away from the crowds here because the beach-goers are from the hotels near the beach, not from all over the island. The beach is about the same width as others on the west coast – 30 meters (33 yards), and the sand isn’t very soft. The beach is cleaned once a week or so, depending on the season.

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Khao Kad Beach

Khao Kad Beach Phuket

Khao Kad Beach is the first beach on the west side of Cape Panwa, on Phuket’s east coast. Panwa Beaches, and the entire area is a quiet and secluded oasis away from the noise and traffic of Phuket Town and the highways. A quick drive up to Phuket Town…

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Koh Bon Island

Koh Bon Island Beach View

Koh Bon is an island just 1 mile (1.6 km) off the southeastern tip of Phuket Island (off Rawai Beach). Koh Bon is around 4,100 feet long (1.3 km) and covered with dense tree growth except on the coast where you’ll find it to be either rocky or filled with beautiful soft sand. At the northernmost part of the island is the highly rated Bon Island Restaurant, they have a large area of sand where you can throw down a beach mat. One side of the beach is rocky, and the other sandy…

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Koh He Island | Coral Island

Aerial view of the Koh He Island (Coral Island) Beach

Koh He Island is also known as Coral Island. This is a 2 mile (3.2 km) long tree-filled island off the southeastern side of Phuket Island (off Rawai Beach) and just a bit further by boat than Koh Bon reviewed above. Koh He is like other islands that surround the main island of Phuket – covered with heavy forest and rocks on the majority of coastline. The main (biggest) beach on Coral Island is found approximately in the center and on the north coast. Stretching 2,700 ft. (823 m), this is the longest sandy beach on Koh He and it attracts the most people.

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Koh Kaeo Noi Island

View from the sea of Koh Kaeo Noi Island

Located just south of Koh Kaeo Yai Island by about .5 miles (.8 km). Smaller than its bigger sister, Koh Kaeo Noi Island is roughly diamond shaped and about 1,826 feet long and about two-thirds that wide.There is no sandy beach here, but you may be able to persuade the boat captain to drop you off, so you can explore the rocks around the island. If you can navigate the entire way around, it will be about a mile hike (1.6 km). Make sure the boat is staying there to pick you up because there’s literally nothing on this island.

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Koh Kaeo Yai Island

View from the sea of the large Buddha on Koh Kaeo Yai Island

Just .64 miles (1 km) from the southernmost tip of Promthep Cape on Phuket is this small island, which is the bigger of two islands with the same name. At its longest point, Koh Kaeo Yai Island is roughly .5 miles (.8 km) long and at its widest section, about a quarter mile (.4 km). One of the easiest ways to reach the island is by longtail boat you can find at Rawai Beach just up the east coast from the cape. Koh Kaeo Yai Island has a small Buddhist shrine and some resident monks. You should feel free to explore the area. There is a large Buddha and Buddha’s footprint (legend) to take photos of.

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Koh Khai Nai Island

View from the boat of the beach huts on Koh Khai Nai Island

Nearly nine miles due east from Rawai Beach on Phuket’s lower east side is this tiny little island named Koh Khai Nai Island. It’s so small on the map that we’re not sure what’s there, but it appears to be a small beach on the northeast side, and another patch of sand on the south end of the island. The entire island is no more than 146 feet long (45 m) at the longest point.Boats may have a hard time stopping here, the water is very shallow, but there appears to be beach umbrellas or drink and snack stands set up along the beach.

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Koh Khai Nok Island

Aerial view of the large triangular sandy beach on Koh Khai Nok Island

When you take part in one of the James Bond Island Tours going all the way to Koh Phi Phi from Phuket out to the islands, you’ll usually stop at Koh Khai Nok Island on your last stop. Visitors can get out of the boats and go explore this small idyllic island by walking around, swimming, or snorkeling around in the shallows. There are many fish to be seen, even right up where the dry sand meets the water.The actual sandy beach area of Koh Khai Nok Island is a large triangular section of sand roughly 300 – 400 feet (91 – 123 m) on each side.

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Koh Lawa Yai Island

Overview of the beach on Koh Lawa Yai Island

At 1.7 miles (2.8 km) northeast of Laem Yat in Northeastern Phuket, Koh Lawa Yai Island is a small island just southeast of Phang Nga province by 1 mile (1.6 km) in Phang Nga Bay. The island is listed as a Thailand national park.The main beach on Koh Lawa Yai is found on the northwest corner of the island. This is a medium-sized beach at around 1,266 feet (386 m) long. The beach is part of the national parks group, “Ao Phang Nga National Park”.

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Koh Lon Island

View from the sea of a Koh Lon Island Beach on the west coast

Koh Lon is an island off the southeast coast of Phuket Island and is about 2.3 miles (3.7 km) long and 1.2 miles (1.9 km) wide. The island is a frequent destination spot for locals and tourists who can plainly see the large island just off the coast. Shuttles run back and forth frequently, so it’s something to do for a couple of hours if you have an adventurous spirit.Though the east coast beaches on the coast of Phuket Island are typically muddy and without quality sand, some of the islands surrounding Phuket have nice white sand and little or no mud. The beaches on the island are Baan Mai, Cruiser, Poh, Lek, Y Deang, Bamboo, and Kwan.

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Koh Maiton Island

View from the sea of Koh Maiton Island beach

Koh Maiton Island is a private island, owned by the owners of the resort. There are reports of people being charged 2,500 THB for a beer or stepping foot on the island, and other reports saying it is just 300 THB to enter the island property. So, not sure! The island is beautiful, great for taking photos and walking around.Many tourists come here on a snorkeling package for around 2,500 THB for the boat ride, snorkeling gear, and lunch. On the website, it appears as if the speedboat option is the cheapest way to experience the island and it starts at 2,999 THB. There are prices for overnight stay listed on their website, it’s all quite a mystery what exactly is on offer.

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Koh Maphrao Island | Coconut Island

Aerial view of Koh Maphrao Island Coconut Beach

Koh Maphrao Island in Phuket is found just 2,789 feet (850 m) east of Laem Hin Pier on Phuket’s east coast. This is a small island, less than 2 miles (3.2 km) long and 1.5 miles (2.4 km) at its widest point. There are small beaches all over the island, but the main Coconut Beach is located on the northern coast of the island. There are not many trees on the beach, and it is lined with private villas you can rent.

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Koh Naka Noi Island

Aerial view of Koh Naka Noi Island Beach

Koh Naka Noi Island is just to the southwest of its bigger sister Koh Naka Yai Island and is much smaller at about 0.6 miles (1 km) long, with less to do and nowhere to stay. Nakha Noi Bar – This is a large bar that covers the northern tip of Naka Noi Beach. They offer things to do like billiards, banana boats and jet ski rentals. They of course have a restaurant. Food quality and service was not mentioned in any of the reviews, so give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Koh Naka Yai Island

View of one of the Koh Naka Yai Island Beach

Koh Naka Yai Island is a small island off the northeast coast of Phuket. The island is only about 1.7 miles (2.7 km) long and less than a mile in width at its widest. It is very close to the island of Phuket, only 1.25 miles (2 km) away at the closest part. The island is close enough for a quick getaway from Phuket, even for half-day in the morning. Koh Naka Yai Beach is the largest beach on the island and is located on the southwest coast of Koh Naka Yai. There are numerous places to stay and it has a Muslim mosque and a beach club. Its proximity to the main island of Phuket makes it a busy place for visitors coming for a day or shorter trip.

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Koh Racha Noi Island

View from the sea of Koh Racha Noi Island Banana Bay Beach

Koh Racha Noi Island, the smallest of the two Racha Islands at around 2.25 miles (3.6 km) long, is located 5 miles (8 km) south-southwest of Koh Racha Yai.Koh Racha Noi consist of two small (thin) islands, with the largest beach, Banana Bay, located on the northeast side of the island. The beach is fairly large at around 1,640 feet (500 m) long. Please note, the exact measurement of the beach is a guess because most of it is generally too rocky to enjoy, but there is at least one less rocky area where people can wade and swim.

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Koh Racha Yai Island

View of the Koh Racha Yai Island Siam Bay Beach

If you visit one island during your stay in Phuket, head down to Koh Racha Yai Island stunning beaches and spend the day – or longer! You’ll find the sand on this island to be just what you’re looking for – white, deep, and plenty of it. There are a couple of nice beaches here, and you should see them all! The Koh Racha Islands are comprised of two islands, Yai, and Noi. Koh Racha Yai Island lies just 10.5 miles (16.9 km) south-southwest of the southern tip of Phuket Island in the Andaman Sea. The island is almost 2.5 miles (4 km) long and about 1 mile (1.6 km) wide.

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Koh Raet Island

Sea view of one of Koh Raet Island Beach

Koh Raet Island is also known as Jameirah Island, this is a private island that receives some tourists, but only through their own channels. This is a small, picturesque island with some nice beaches to look at, but you can’t just pull up and drop anchor and go enjoy the island due to it being private.

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Koh Rang Noi Island

View from the sea of Koh Rang Noi Island Beach

Three miles east of the north-south middle of Phuket Island are the Koh Rang Islands which consist of a big island (Koh Rang Yai) and a smaller one (Koh Rang Noi). They are separated by about 1,000 feet (305 m) with Koh Rang Noi Island located just to the northeast.Koh Rang Noi Beach is a small beach to be found on the southwest coast of the island. The north end of the beach appears to be mud mixed with sand. The middle portion is sandy and nice for walking or laying out, while the southern and eastern section of the beach is very rocky, but there are spots of sand to drop a beach mat or towel.

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Koh Rang Yai Island

View from the sea of Koh Rang Yai Island Beach

Koh Rang Yai Island, the biggest of the Koh Rang Islands sitting three miles east of Phuket, is a stop on some of the island tours from Phuket and as such, can get crowded during the 11 am. to 4 pm. time frame. Avoiding this beach during these hours can ensure a better experience. The main beach is on the west side of the island, there is a large bay on the east side of the island you can explore with a hike.

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Koh Sirey Island

View of the sea from Koh Sire Island Beach

Koh Sire Island is partially separated from Phuket Island by a small shallow waterway on the east side of the island. There are many small patches of sand that could be considered beaches on the island. None are named, and there isn’t any reason to go to any of them. Choose another area on the island to find beaches, you’ll be happy you did! There is a large reclining Buddha, and part of the temple is on a hill which provides a nice view of the area.

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Koh Tapao Noi Island

View of Koh Tapao Noi Island Beach from the sea

Koh Tapao Noi Island is the smallest of the two Koh Tapao Islands, close to Phuket east coast at Cape Panwa. There are no real facilities on the island, but it is conveniently located for a quick few hours on the beach, away from Phuket. This is a very small island with nothing but a few small average beaches.

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Koh Tapao Yai Island

View from the sea of Koh Tapao Yai Island Beach

There are two islands close to Phuket’s east coast at Cape Panwa. The larger island is, “Koh Tapao Yai” and the smaller, “Koh Tapao Noi.” There are no real facilities on these islands, and they are not especially beautiful. Visitors to the Koh Tapao Yai Island usually come for a convenient trip from Phuket just to get away for a couple hours on the beach which is not usually crowded at all.

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Koh Yao Noi Island

View of Long Beach on Koh Yao Noi Island

Despite being located in an amazing place, Koh Yao Noi Island is just not filled with soft sandy beaches. Most of the island coast is muddy, and where there is sand, it’s mixed with dirt and the water is not usually very clear. Waves are absent in most…

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Koh Yao Yai Island

View from the sea of one of Koh Yao Yai Island Beach

Koh Yao consists of two islands which are part of Phang Nga province, the larger “Koh Yao Yai Island” and the smaller “Koh Yao Noi”. Koh Yao Yai Island sits east of Phuket east coast and is about 16.6 miles (26.7 km) long from north to south, and two to four miles wide on average – a large island by any standards. Both the islands are well developed and there is plenty to do. Many people come to Phuket only to transfer over to one of the Koh Yao islands because they prefer the laid-back island atmosphere when compared to Phuket. Though Koh Yao Yai Island is filled with bays, there are not many beaches on the island that are worth taking a look at. Ao Muong Beach in the southwest corner is one example.

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Laem Ka Noi Beach

Laem Ka Noi Beach Phuket

Located about 450 meters (492 yd.) from Laem Ka Yai Beach is the little sister, Laem Ka Noi Beach. This is a short beach facing northeast that is a nice getaway from people because nobody knows about it. Laem Ka Noi Beach faces east and gets nice sunri…

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Laem Ka Yai Beach

Laem Ka Yai Beach Phuket

Laem Ka Yai Beach (bigger of the two Laem Ka beaches) is north of well-known Rawai Beach and is 2.5 kilometers (1.5 miles) from Koh Lon island off Phuket’s southeast coast. This beach faces southeast, and there is an island easily visible just off-shor…

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Laem Singh Beach Phuket

Laem Singh Beach | Phuket Beaches

This lovely little beach is on the way to Surin Beach just north of Patong Beach, but it has one little problem I’ll tell you about in a minute. After you climb the hill just after Kamala Beach on Highway 4025, you’ll come to a parking lot on the top of the hill. There’s a mountain view lookout point a little further down the road, but this parking lot is for Laem Sing Beach. Park here!

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Layan Beach

Layan Beach | Phuket Beaches

Layan Beach is also known as Le Phang Beach by locals and on some maps. Though not clearly marked on maps, Layan Beach appears to connect to the northernmost section of Bangtao Beach on Phuket’s Northwest side. There is a break where a freshwater lake…

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Mai Khao Beach

Mai Khao Beach | Phuket Beaches

Mai Khao Beach is on Phuket Island’s northwest side and is the longest beach in Phuket by far at over 13 kilometers (8 mi.). It stretches from the top of the island down to the Phuket International Airport (HKT). The beach faces west and has some truly…

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Makam Beach (Makham Beach)

Makam Beach Phuket | Makham Bay Phuket

Makam Beach (or Makham Bay) is just north of Heeowhat Beach. Unlike most of the beaches here, you can rent kayaks and paddleboards – so there is more to do here than at most of the beaches on Phuket’s east side. The sand under the water is mostly mud,…

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Nai Harn Beach Phuket

Nai Harn Beach Phuket | South

Just 20 kilometers south of Patong Beach is Nai Harn Beach, a quiet and lovely spot for a picnic with family! One of our favorites, as you can tell by this list of amazing features.

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Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach | Phuket Beaches

Nai Thon Beach is ideally located on the northwestern coast of Phuket Island and is only a short five minutes drive from the Bismarcks Paradise. Sparsely developed and surrounded by 300 meters high hills covered with a luxuriant jungle, the Nai Thon be…

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Nai Thon Noi Beach

Nai Thon Noi Beach, Phuket

Nai Thon Noi Beach is a west-facing beach about 80 meters (87 yards) long and located just south of its larger sister beach, Nai Thon Beach. Noi means small in Thai language. This tiny beach is located on the west side of Phuket Island, just 9 km (5.6…

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Nai Thorn Beach | Andaman White Beach

Nai Thorn Beach, Phuket

Nai Thorn Beach – this lovely little beach is located just south of Nai Thon Noi Beach, and north of Banana Beach on Phuket Island’s west coast. Nai Thorn beach is about 300 meters (328 yards) long, and very wide – around 60 meters (66 yards). There is…

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Nai Yang Beach

Nai Yang Beach | Phuket Beaches

Nai Yang Beach – this wide and picturesque beach begins at the southwestern part of the beach in front of the Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa and going all the way up to the Phuket International Airport (HKT), and stretches over 3 kilometers (~ 2 miles)….

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Nakalay Beach | Thavorn Beach

Nakalay Beach | Nakalai Beach | Thavorn Beach

Nakalay Beach Phuket is a south-southwest facing beach about half-a-kilometer long located about 4 kilometers north of crowded Patong Beach, and around 30 km from the Phuket International Airport (HKT) in the north. There is a long boat pier jutting in…

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Nui Beach Phuket

Nui Beach, Phuket

Nui beach is a picture-perfect little beach nestled between large forest-covered hills in the southwest corner of Phuket, near Cape Promthep. The beach is accessible by a dirt road leading off Highway 4233, but it does become difficult to drive and you…

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Pak Pahng Beach

Pak Pahng Beach Phuket

Pak Pahng Beach is located around 500 meters (547 yards) from the southernmost tip of Phuket Island. This lovely little beach is located next to the southern point of Rawai Beach, a well-known Phuket beach on the southeastern tip of the island. With ju…

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Palai Beach | Pa Lai Beach

Palai Beach | Chalong

Palai Beach Phuket is a small tree-lined beach south of Phuket Town on Phuket Island’s southeast coast. The Palai Beach faces south and doesn’t pick up either sunrise or sunset directly, but the skies can still be beautiful at these times. Technically,…

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Pansea Beach Phuket

Pansea Beach | Phuket Beaches

Pansea Beach, like most of Phuket’s beaches, has rocks at either end and a big sandy spot in the middle. Pansea Beach is located just to the north of (next to) the lovely Surin Beach. These beaches are very similar, with Pansea Beach being the smaller…

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Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach | Phuket Beaches

At the south end of Patong Beach is one of the coolest beaches on Phuket, and it comes with a surprise, or two! I first visited Paradise Beach in late 2004, just prior to the Boxing Day Tsunami. Back then it was a bit treacherous to reach it, there was a thin concrete sidewalk, and most of the path was just slippery clay. Today, they’ve built a new road so you can drive right up to it, and you really should make this one of your first stops during your vacation!

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Patong Beach Phuket

Picture of Patong Beach Phuket | A beautiful tropical beach

Patong Beach is the most popular beach on the island of Phuket because it has the hottest entertainment area in all of Southern Thailand. If part of the reason you came to Phuket was to enjoy the nightlife, there’s no reason to stay anywhere else on the island, just head straight to Patong and book a hotel within walking distance of the beach.

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Pineapple Beach | Laem Son Beach

Pineapple Beach Phuket | Laem Son Beach Phuket

Pineapple Beach, also known as Laem Son, is located on Phuket’s northwest coast on the north side of a small cape just west of Bang Tao Beach jutting out into the Andaman Sea. Pineapple Beach is around 700 meters (766 yards) long, though the sandy area…

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Pon Beach | Yae Beach

Pon Beach-Phuket | Yae Beach Phuket

Pon Beach, or Yae Beach as locals know it, is a 500 meters (547 yards) long beach facing almost due south. Because of the hill to the west, sunset won’t be the best, as you won’t likely see its last moments above the horizon. Pon beach is not typically…

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Pullman Panwa Beach

Pullman Panwa Beach Phuket

This beach is named after the Phuket Pullman Panwa Beach Resort found behind the beach. Pullman Panwa Beach is typical of other Phuket east coast beaches with a muddy bottom under the water, not great for swimming or walking through the water. There ar…

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Rawai Beach

Rawai Beach Phuket

Rawai Beach is a beach located in the south of the island of Phuket and is a locals’ favorite for years. Rawai Beach has a laid-back vibe and is lined with bars to help you take the edge off life. Many people prefer to stay in Rawai for their entire Ph…

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Rayee Beach | Kamala

Rayee Beach | Kamala Bay

Rayee Beach Phuket is nestled between Hua Beach and Kamala Beach. You won’t find this beach listed on maps as Rayee Beach, in most cases. Some just call it part of Kamala Beach. This is a scenic beach, that is basically nothing more than that. This 500…

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Relax Beach

Sunset @ Relax Beach (aka Relax Bay) Phuket

Relax Beach is more widely known as Karon Noi Beach on the Phuket Island maps and is about 350 meters (383 yards) long, and extra wide at 50+ meters (55 yards) in some places. The sand is deep and very light, and it’s one of the most scenic spots in Phuket. The land behind the Relax Beach

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Sai Kaew Beach

Sai Kaew Beach Phuket

Sai Kaew Beach is the beach furthest north on Phuket Island’s west coast and the translation from Thai is “glass sand.” From Hat Pak Phra Beach at the Sarasin Bridge connecting Phang Nga and Phuket provinces, Sai Kaew goes to the south, stopping at Mai…

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Surin Beach Phuket

Surin Beach Phuket

Certainly, one of the nicest beaches in Thailand and definitely one of our top 5 beaches on Phuket Island is Surin Beach ! Surin beach is located just up the road, so to speak, from Patong Beach, going north. In the early 2000’s Surin Beach was a top l…

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Tri Trang Beach

Tri Trang Beach Phuket

Tri Trang Beach, also known as Emerald Beach or Tri Trang Beach 1, is a small little beach 5 km from the centre of the famous buzzing Patong Beach. Tri Trang 1 Beach because there is a Tri Trang 2 Beach on the opposite side of the peninsula it exists o…

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Tri Trang Beach 2 | Merlin Beach

Tri Trang Beach 2 | Merlin Beach Phuket-10

Tri Trang Beach 2, which is also known by tree other names: Merlin Beach, Tri Tra Beach or Little Tiger Beach, is a small beach 5 km from the centre of the famous buzzing Patong Beach. If you come straight back off Tri Trang Beach near Patong, across M…

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Trisara Beach

Trisara Beach Phuket

Trisara Beach is a small, private looking beach, that anyone can use, but the Trisara villas cover the property between the beach and the road. If you’re not staying at Trisara, you can come by longtail boat. The beach is beautiful and there are places…

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Yanui Beach Phuket

Yanui Beach | Phuket Beaches

Yanui Beach is just another one of the beautiful and often overlooked beaches on Phuket Island. Between Nai Harn Beach and Promthep Cape is this tiny and so lovely little beach about 175 meters (191 yards) in length and around 15 meters (16 yards) wide on average.

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