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Chalong Bay | Beach

Located on Phuket’s east side below the Phuket Zoo, Chalong Bay is best known as a spot for sailors to anchor a boat in the protected zone around the Chalong Pier. Chalong Bay Beach is more a collection of beaches along the Chalong Bay sub district of Phuket. Along the bay there are spots with sand that form beaches, but there isn’t any one place that is called Chalong Bay Beach, so take your pick.

The beach at the south end of the Chalong Bay is around 260 meters (284 yd.) long and has a House Rentals Phuket office and Chalong Villa Resort & Spa if you’d like to stay on this beach. The beach on the north end has Chalong Boatyard, Coconuts Boatyard, and other boat storage facilities for longtail and other types of boats.

As said above, Chalong Beach is used as a take-off point for speedboats and longtail boats taking tourists to the other islands off Phuket’s east coast. The Chalong beach itself consists of sand and dirt, and at low tide, the muddy sand stretches for about 100 meters (109 yd.).

Chalong Beach isn’t going to be your first choice for a scenic beach in Phuket, unless you just don’t have the time to find something nicer. There is no swimming or snorkeling here, and the area doesn’t cater to tourists – as there is nothing here to do really except catch a boat to somewhere else or rent a place to stay.

Chalong Bay | Beach Clubs

There is no Beach club in Chalong Bay

Chalong Bay | Beach Restaurants / Bars

  • Asada Gaucho Grill & Bar – chicken, lamb, salmon, and black Angus steak all grilled over a large wood-fired oven looks delicious. Reviews are very positive with a 4.8 out of 5 on Google Business. Though not on the beach, the atmosphere inside is nice, and they’re open late. One reviewer said, “Fabulous steaks, great sides, decent wine and craft beers. It’s awesome go there and you won’t regret it.
  • Pizzeria Agli Amici – another Chalong restaurant not on the beach that gets fantastic ratings – and lots of them. If you’re looking for pizza, and you happen to be close, don’t waste any time, just go directly here. Many different styles of pizza, and the large size is very big. Small restaurant, fills up quickly at mealtime.
  • Kaneang 2 – this large, modern restaurant with thatched roofs over tables on the beach is right on Chalong Bay, and the view over the water is very nice. Food is Thai-style, and seafood and they receive decent ratings. Not too expensive, and a really nice atmosphere. Some rave about the food. Others complain the service is too slow – probably during peak periods. Worth a visit! Right next to the pier you will find the sister restaurant “Kaneang Pier”. Kaneang Pier has been extensively renovated and offers delicious and fresh seafood in a romantic, al fresco setting with jazzy background music. It’s a little bit more pricey than Kaneang 2, but absolutely great choice for Thai Food lovers when in Chalong.
  • Fatty’s RestaurantFatty’s Restaurant Chalong is owned by JP, a German Chef married to a Thai Lady. Both are culinary chefs and their passion is to spoil the guest with great value dishes. The food menu includes specialties from Germany, Switzerland, Greece as well as fresh Thai cuisine. All dishes are excellently prepared and offer great value for money (one of the best for Western Food in Phuket).

    Fatty’s Restaurant has now been located in Chalong, Phuket for more than 10 years, and was, prior to the tsunami, located for 10 years on Phi Phi island.

    Please note that Fatty’s Restaurant is usually packed between 6pm and 8pm. Therefore either make a table reservation (Mobile Phone JP: +66 81 894 1804) prior to arrival, if not you may risk to wait until a table will be available.

Chalong Bay | Beach Accommodations

  • Ao Chalong Villa & Spa – a three-star property right on the beach, some villas here have nice views over the ocean. A quiet, small place, and some of the villas have Jacuzzis. Very reasonable rates at just 2,000 THB per night.
  • Baanmee Phuket Resort – you can usually count on Novotel properties, they’re usually fairly well updated and high-quality affordable properties to stay in. This Novotel is on north Kamala Beach. Rates beginning at 2,000 THB per night.

Chalong Bay | Beach Facts

  • Location in Phuket: Southeast corner of Phuket Island
  • GPS Data: 7° 48’ 35” N, 98° 20’ 25” E
  • Distance to Patong / Phuket Town / Airport in km: 17 / 42 / 41
  • Taxis available: Yes
  • Surrounding Beaches: Friendship Beach is south; Panwa Beach is further north.
  • Direction Facing: Southeast.
  • Beach Length: 1.95 kilometer (1.21 mi.)
  • Beach Width: On average, the beaches are around 8 meters wide.
  • Estimated Beach Area: 15’600 m2 (18,657 square yd.)
  • Beach Quality: Lots of shells, hard sand, and generally not great.
  • Ocean Bottom: Muddy sand
  • Restroom / showers facilities? There are areas for boaters to wash off and use the restroom at the pier and the yacht clubs. This really isn’t a beach you’re going to want to swim at.
  • Beach features: Small beaches scattered along Chalong Bay with hard sand and shells. The beaches here are used sailors to anchor their boats and by longtail boaters to take tourists to the nearby islands. There are small sandy spots with lots of tree-cover where locals come to sit and eat at one of many small food stands.
  • Lifeguard Available? No
  • Sunbeds Available? No, none were spotted.
  • Umbrellas? No
  • Public or Private? Entrance fees? Beaches are public, no fees. The pier is also public, and there are fees to moor your boat here.
  • Water quality: Good when high tide
  • Boat anchorage possible? Yes, a large area suitable for hundreds of boats.
  • Boat dock and marina? Yes, Chalong Pier.
  • Longtail boat rental possible? Yes
  • Speedboat/longtail boat tours possible? Yes/Yes
  • Sea inflow:: Yes
  • Slope into sea until 1m deep: 2-5m
  • Convenience shop available? Yes
  • Attractions: Chalong Pier; Protected anchorage; Fishing charters
  • Activities: Yacht clubs; Restaurants; Grocery stores; Chalong Bay Rum Distillery (take a tour); Karting; Phuket Zoo (not really recommendable). More things to do in Chalong.
  • FKK possible? Not permitted, but if empty…
  • Massage available? Yes
  • Picnic possible? Yes
  • Surfing? No, none on the east coast.
  • Smoking? In November Thailand is cracking down on smoking at beaches around the country. In November 2017 in Phuket, Patong Beach is affected. Soon they expect to make it a country-wide smoking ban – so do stay up to date because fines are high and can include prison time.
  • Warnings: Stingrays are known to be common on all Phuket’s east-facing beaches.
  • Waste runoff into the sea? Yes

More about Chalong Bay | Beach

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