Kata Beach Phuket | View of the south part of the beach

Kata Beach Phuket

Kata Beach is for many, along with Nai Harn Beach, the best location for a relaxing holiday with the entire family while still within easy access to plenty of evening entertainment venues. You could spend three weeks around and you would still not have enough time to go through all the possible dining experiences on offer, from seafood restaurants, pizzerias to steak houses and more. The “after beach” venues in Kata are somehow as popular as the beach itself. Kata Beach isn’t too far from Patong, and the surfing is good. This is a very natural looking beach, and there are not too many visitors, unless the surf is high, then there will be 20+ people in the water and maybe 100 people spectating. Kata (Kata Yai – big Kata Beach) is next to (south of) Karon Beach on Phuket’s southwest coast. The sandy beach is about 1.5 kilometers (1 mile) long, and around 33m (36 yd.) wide – it can hold hundreds of people comfortably. There is very little commercial development on or near the beach, so it retains its natural vibe.

Kata Beach Clubs

Rekata Beach Club is currently the only beach club at Kata Beach and a go-to destination for surfers, seafood lovers, suntan addicts, spa junkies, sunset gazers, and brand name shoppers. Belongs to the Boathouse Phuket.

Kata Beach Restaurants / Bars

  • Kata On Fire Bar and Grill – highly rated by past diners, this bar and grill isn’t right on the beach, it’s up Soi Khoktanod 440 meters (481 yd.) at the south end of Kata Beach. No, you don’t get the beach views, but the food is excellent especially if you’re in the mood for something grilled.
  • Gastone Italian Restaurant – if you’re in the mood for Italian cuisine, this restaurant has excellent pasta and pizza set in a nice environment. This is authentic Italian cuisine that gets great ratings from guests. 86 meters (94 yd.) southeast from the southernmost corner of Kata Beach.
  • Kampong Kata Hill – fantastic average ratings for this little eatery on Kata Hill. Open at dinner, they have a variety of dishes, including Thai, and great drinks. The view is nice, and the Thai museum-like interior makes for a gorgeous setting to eat dinner.
  • The Boathouse Phuket – The Boathouse Phuket Restaurant is tastefully appointed and located directly on Kata Beach and belongs to one of the most celebrated restaurants and wine cellars in Thailand. This five-star beach restaurant serves gourmet International and Asian cuisine, including authentic Thai culinary traditions, offers sumptuous yet relaxed setting with top-of-the-range service. With a new Executive Chef, Jonathan Bruell, the Boathouse Phuket restaurant has become again a gourmet’s & fine dine paradise.

Kata Beach Accommodations

  • Club Med Phuket – right in the center of Kata Beach is this massive complex that is the finest resort in Kata, and the rate reflects that at around 17,000 THB per night. Geared toward families with a great kids’ club and pool, wet bars, a couple restaurants, a fitness gym, and more to keep everyone happy.
  • Kata Beach Resort and Spa – a 4-star resort on the south side of Kata Beach, this resort gets incredibly positive reviews for the property and service. They have an internet room for business workers, some big swimming pools, kids club, and a sports bar. Rates starting around 3,000 THB per night.
  • Novotel Phuket Kata Avista Resort and Spa – a 5-star resort on the hill at the north end of Kata Beach. Close to the Dino Park Mini-Golf which is great for kids. The beach is a couple hundred-meter walk, or there are shuttles to take you there. Rates around 2,500 THB.

Kata Beach Facts

  • Location in Phuket: West coast of Phuket south of Patong and north of Promthep Cape
  • GPS Data: 7° 49’ 14” N, 98° 17’ 52” E
  • Distance to Patong / Phuket Town / Airport in km: 11 / 15 / 47
  • Taxis available: Yes
  • Surrounding Beaches: Karon Beach is to the north. Kata Noi (smaller Kata Beach) is the next beach going south.
  • Direction Facing: Southwest
  • Beach Length: 1.5 kilometer (1 mi.)
  • Beach Width: 33 meters (36 yd.)
  • Estimated Beach Area: 49’500 m2 (59,202 square yd)
  • Beach Quality: Very good. Soft, thick sand that squeaks as you walk on it. The beach is usually clean (for Thailand standards), but there is always trash laying around. There are probably no beaches in Thailand without trash. This beach has a very laid-back feel, and it’s quiet compared to most tourist beaches.
  • Ocean Bottom: Close to shore – sandy. The further you go out, the more rocks and coral you’ll find.
  • Restroom / showers facilities? Yes, in restaurants
  • Beach features: Gradually sloping beach beside a road. Lots of shade trees and food stands to choose from. Soft white sand and usually clear water. Lifeguards are here usually – a good place for children, but heed warnings.
  • Lifeguard Available? Yes
  • Sunbeds Available? Yes, 10% of the Beach.
  • Umbrellas? Yes, 10% of the Beach.
  • Public or Private? Entrance fees? Public, no fees.
  • Water quality: Good
  • Boat anchorage possible? No
  • Boat dock and marina? N/A
  • Longtail boat rental possible? Yes
  • Speedboat/longtail boat tours possible? No/No
  • Sea inflow:: Unknown
  • Slope into sea until 1m deep: 3-8m
  • Convenience shop available? Yes
  • Attractions: Dino Golf for kids on the north end past the beach. Surf House Kata Beach is the place for non-stop surf action, trendy music and internationally inspired food and beverages.
  • Activities: Surfing during November to April; snorkeling at the north end, swimming, paddle boarding and kayaking are the main activities at this picture-perfect beach.
  • FKK possible? Not permitted, but if empty…
  • Massage available? Yes
  • Picnic possible? Yes
  • Surfing? Waves here can get very good here – nice shape, longer rides, and everyone living on Phuket knows where this beach is. This is the most popular surfing beach on Phuket when the waves are good, sometimes reaching 2 meters (7 ft.) high. There is a convenient place to stay here too, if you can obtain a room, the Kata Beach Resort and Spa. They get good reviews, and the rates are reasonable for this great surfing beach at just 2,500 THB or so. If you need a rental board or want to learn how to surf in small wave conditions, Surf House Kata Beach can help. They are at the south end of Kata Beach, next to the Kata Beach Resort
  • Smoking? In November Thailand is cracking down on smoking at beaches around the country. In November 2017 in Phuket, Patong Beach is affected. Soon they expect to make it a country-wide smoking ban – so do stay up to date because fines are high and can include prison time.
  • Warnings: Anywhere the surf is good, the rip-tides can be dangerous. Do be very careful. Watch for lifeguard flags and ask what they mean if unsure.
  • Waste runoff into the sea? No

More about Kata Beach

For more Kata Beach information check out the Blog:

Kata Beach Phuket – Reasons to Go?

  • Convenient. Only 16-minutes from Patong Beach, Kata beach is preferred by those who want to get further away than Karon Beach. Usually the visitors at this beach are staying in hotels close by, so it doesn’t get overcrowded. Choose one of the hotels we recommend above for your best experience.
  • Surfing! During low season, this beach has some nice and fairly consistent surf breaks. Even if you don’t surf or bodyboard, you can have fun watching and shooting video for a while.
  • Running! A good spot to run up and down the beach about 1.5 kilometers (almost a mile) from top to bottom.


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