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Ao Yon Beach Phuket

Ao Yon (Yai) Beach

Ao Yon Beach Phuket, also known as Ao Yon Yai (big Ao Yon Beach) is just south of Phuket Town on the end of an irregular shaped cape on the southeast side of Phuket Island. Ao Yon Beach is not the most beautiful spot in Phuket, but it’s somewhere scenic to go if you’re in town and craving the beach and don’t want to go for a drive.

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Ao Yon Noi Beach Phuket

Ao Yon Noi Beach

Just east of Ao Yon Yai Beach is Ao Yon Noi Beach. This one is much smaller, and some people prefer it because there are even fewer people. This is a real locals beach, but of course you’re free to hang out! Ao Yon Noi Beach is smaller, quieter, and co…

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