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4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles

4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles in 2018

To save you some time, we’ve made a list of the top Phuket beaches and where to stay for single visitors to the island of Phuket. If you’re planning on coming for a visit, you’re almost surely going to want to stay in Patong Beach, but who knows? You m…

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Freedom Beach Phuket

Freedom Beach | Phuket Beaches

About 330 meters (361 yards) long and 30 meters (33 yards) wide, this remote hidden beach is located in a prime spot, away from the crowds of Patong which is found just a few minutes north. Freedom Beach sits just to the northwest of Le Meridien Beach and southeast of Merlin Beach. Parking is off the main road, and will cost 100 THB. A steep 20-minute downhill hike brings you to this gorgeous beach. This is one of the few beaches on Phuket that charges admission. Upon entrance, they ask for a 200 THB fee.

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Karon Beach Phuket

Karon Beach

At 3.3 kilometers (2 miles) in length and more than 30 meters (33 yards) wide in most places, this is a huge beach that gets a lot of traffic, but still, you can easily find a pleasant spot without too many people. The sand here is soft, but not powdery, and there is the occasional piece of trash laying around, but if you’re looking for a beach to go to with easy parking and some shopping or places to eat right across the street, this is a good beach to visit. Just jump on Highway 4233 going south from Patong Beach and you’ll be there in about twenty minutes.

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Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach | Phuket Beaches

At the south end of Patong Beach is one of the coolest beaches on Phuket, and it comes with a surprise, or two! I first visited Paradise Beach in late 2004, just prior to the Boxing Day Tsunami. Back then it was a bit treacherous to reach it, there was a thin concrete sidewalk, and most of the path was just slippery clay. Today, they’ve built a new road so you can drive right up to it, and you really should make this one of your first stops during your vacation!

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Patong Beach Phuket

Picture of Patong Beach Phuket | A beautiful tropical beach

Patong Beach is the most popular beach on the island of Phuket because it has the hottest entertainment area in all of Southern Thailand. If part of the reason you came to Phuket was to enjoy the nightlife, there’s no reason to stay anywhere else on the island, just head straight to Patong and book a hotel within walking distance of the beach.

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