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Best Small Islands with Beaches near Phuket

picture composing of small island near phuket

Many times I have been asked which are the best small islands with beaches near Phuket? The Island of Phuket is surrounded by an extraordinary number of small islands located mainly on its east coast, from tiny rocks to livable larger pieces of land em…

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Koh Lon Island

View from the sea of a Koh Lon Island Beach on the west coast

Koh Lon is an island off the southeast coast of Phuket Island and is about 2.3 miles (3.7 km) long and 1.2 miles (1.9 km) wide. The island is a frequent destination spot for locals and tourists who can plainly see the large island just off the coast. Shuttles run back and forth frequently, so it’s something to do for a couple of hours if you have an adventurous spirit.Though the east coast beaches on the coast of Phuket Island are typically muddy and without quality sand, some of the islands surrounding Phuket have nice white sand and little or no mud. The beaches on the island are Baan Mai, Cruiser, Poh, Lek, Y Deang, Bamboo, and Kwan.

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