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Best Small Islands with Beaches near Phuket

picture composing of small island near phuket

Many times I have been asked which are the best small islands with beaches near Phuket? The Island of Phuket is surrounded by an extraordinary number of small islands located mainly on its east coast, from tiny rocks to livable larger pieces of land em…

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Koh Yao Yai Island

View from the sea of one of Koh Yao Yai Island Beach

Koh Yao consists of two islands which are part of Phang Nga province, the larger “Koh Yao Yai Island” and the smaller “Koh Yao Noi”. Koh Yao Yai Island sits east of Phuket east coast and is about 16.6 miles (26.7 km) long from north to south, and two to four miles wide on average – a large island by any standards. Both the islands are well developed and there is plenty to do. Many people come to Phuket only to transfer over to one of the Koh Yao islands because they prefer the laid-back island atmosphere when compared to Phuket. Though Koh Yao Yai Island is filled with bays, there are not many beaches on the island that are worth taking a look at. Ao Muong Beach in the southwest corner is one example.

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