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17 Best Phuket Surfing Beaches

best phuket surfing beaches

Yes, it’s possible to surf on Phuket!  Waves reach 3 meters (10 feet)! Here are the 17 best Phuket surf beaches you can try for yourself! Read this guide to surfing Phuket and print it out because you’re going to need it. If you need an instant answer…

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4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids (Ages 12-18)

Top Phuket Beaches for families with kids (ages 12-18)

4 Top Phuket Beaches for Families with Kids (Ages 12-18). If you’re traveling with kids 12-18 years old to Phuket Island, you’ll want to know where the top Phuket beaches for families with kids are and what there is for them to do.

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7 Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers

Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers

The Best Phuket Beaches for Golfers? Which beaches are close to the best golfing courses on Phuket? Find the best accommodations to stay near the best golf course on Phuket Island.

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Best Phuket Beaches for Retired Visitors

Best Phuket Beaches for Retirees / Seniors

You’re retired, or feel like you are, and want to know all the best Phuket beaches to find what you’re looking for. In the following blog ” Best Phuket Beaches for Retired Visitors ” we’ve got everything you need to know about. Bookmark it, print it, o…

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Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach | Phuket Beaches

Nai Thon Beach is ideally located on the northwestern coast of Phuket Island and is only a short five minutes drive from the Bismarcks Paradise. Sparsely developed and surrounded by 300 meters high hills covered with a luxuriant jungle, the Nai Thon be…

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Nai Thon Noi Beach

Nai Thon Noi Beach, Phuket

Nai Thon Noi Beach is a west-facing beach about 80 meters (87 yards) long and located just south of its larger sister beach, Nai Thon Beach. Noi means small in Thai language. This tiny beach is located on the west side of Phuket Island, just 9 km (5.6…

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