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4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles

4 Best Phuket Beaches for Singles in 2018

To save you some time, we’ve made a list of the top Phuket beaches and where to stay for single visitors to the island of Phuket. If you’re planning on coming for a visit, you’re almost surely going to want to stay in Patong Beach, but who knows? You m…

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Best Phuket Beaches for Retired Visitors

Best Phuket Beaches for Retirees / Seniors

You’re retired, or feel like you are, and want to know all the best Phuket beaches to find what you’re looking for. In the following blog ” Best Phuket Beaches for Retired Visitors ” we’ve got everything you need to know about. Bookmark it, print it, o…

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Paradise Beach Phuket

Paradise Beach | Phuket Beaches

At the south end of Patong Beach is one of the coolest beaches on Phuket, and it comes with a surprise, or two! I first visited Paradise Beach in late 2004, just prior to the Boxing Day Tsunami. Back then it was a bit treacherous to reach it, there was a thin concrete sidewalk, and most of the path was just slippery clay. Today, they’ve built a new road so you can drive right up to it, and you really should make this one of your first stops during your vacation!

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Phuket’s 8 Best Private Beaches

Beach picture composing for blog Best Private Phuket Beaches

Best Private Phuket Beaches If there’s one post you should read in our Phuket Beaches Series, this one is it! Here we tell you about the eight best private Phuket beaches that are beautiful. Sort of. Let me explain. Some beaches on the island of Phuket…

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Phuket Beaches Map

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