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Bang Tao Beach | Bangtao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is around 7 kilometers (4 mi.) long from top to bottom, and is a west facing beach – ideal for sunsets. In that stretch are a number of other privately named beaches like Momo beach, Ottoman beach, and Rattan Beach. Bang Tao Beach is covered with very tall pine trees known as ironwood trees, great for providing shade for picnic-goers at the beach below.

Bang Tao Beach is fronted by a series of large luxury resorts, and yet it isn’t overcrowded. There is so much space at this beach that you will never feel like there are too many people. Instead, you’ll be asking yourself where everybody is.

The bay of Bang Tao Beach is wide open to the waves generated by swells coming in, and surfing can be quite good. Waves can reach 3 meters (3 yd.) high here and there is a strong undertow to be aware of during such conditions. When there are very small waves, it’s generally safe for kids, but keep an eye on them (of course).

Bang Tao Beach Clubs

  • Xana Beach Club – great views of sunset from the upper deck, and anywhere really. There is a 3-hour happy hour from 6 pm. to 9 pm. with 50% off drinks. We don’t guarantee this special is still in effect, but this makes Xana a popular place as you might imagine!
  • Catch Beach Club – with a superb beachfront location on Bang Tao Beach, Catch Beach Club is without doubt Phuket’s most inventive, style-setting beach club. Catch is a well-established name in Phuket, Catch gained its notoriety on Surin Beach, but moved to the southern end of Bang Tao, taking over Bliss Beach Club. Catch Beach Club offers indoor and outdoor dining areas, a large canopy-covered bar, sun loungers, a small splash pool and a selection of poolside salas. The food menu offers a range of a la carte dishes as well as snack’s.

Bang Tao Beach Restaurants / Bars

  • Benny’s American Bar & Grill – situated on the furthest point south in Bang Tao Beach, you’ll find this very highly rated restaurant with all sorts of cuisine – some of those mentioned in reviews as being delicious: barbecued ribs, chicken, and lamb, crab cakes, pepper poppers, and steak with sides of French-fries. The owner is Italian has a good grasp of American-style cooking. Highly recommended.
  • The Bistro – a well-known Swedish-food restaurant with a great reputation. They offer a wide selection of great food like Swedish rack of lamb, beef Rydberg (potatoes and beef), and Italian food like pizza, lasagna and other Italian favorites. They didn’t forget the Thai menu either – so ask for what you’re craving, they probably have it. Located in Bang Tao West.

Bang Tao Beach Accommodations

  • Amora Beach Resort Phuket – in the south of Bang Tao, this is a very affordably priced 4-star hotel with rates starting around 1,500 THB for a night. Rooms are big but a bit dated. The sea, the beach, and the swimming pools are all nice. Try an Amora Pina Colada in a pineapple served at the beach to help you feel really cozy here.
  • Mövenpick Resort Bangtao Beach Phuket – in the center of Bang Tao’s Beach, this resort gets very high ratings for the property, staff friendliness and grounds. The pool is nice there is only a small place for kids to swim, the rest of the pool is 1.5 meters (5 ft.) deep. Good kid’s club activities. Rates beginning around 6,000 THB.
  • Banyan Tree Phuket – an exclusive resort located in the middle of Bang Tao Beach. Private pools for the large villas. Free bicycles to get around the huge resort area. Rates starting around 14,000 THB. Villas overlook the lakes and golf course, and the clubhouse is on the grounds.

Bang Tao Beach Facts

  • Location in Phuket: Northwest coast of Phuket.
  • GPS Data: 8° 00’ 12” N, 98° 17’ 33” E
  • Distance to Patong / Phuket Town / Airport in km: 19 / 22 / 17
  • Taxis available: Yes
  • Surrounding Beaches: Trisara Beach is to the north, and Surin Beach is just south.
  • Direction Facing: West
  • Beach Length: 7 kilometer (4.4 mi.)
  • Beach Width: 30 meters (33 yd.)
  • Estimated Beach Area: 210’000 m2 (251,000 square yd.)
  • Beach Quality: Exceptional sand quality and color (light, almost white).
  • Ocean Bottom: Sandy bottom with rocks at the south end.
  • Restroom / showers facilities? This beach is lined with resorts, so there are many showers and restrooms along the beach, but they can be spread out considerably.
  • Beach features: Rocks at the southern end of the beach and a small island at the northernmost end make for great snorkeling.
  • Lifeguard Available? Yes
  • Sunbeds Available? Yes, 10% of the Beach.
  • Umbrellas? Yes, 10% of the Beach.
  • Public or Private? Entrance fees? Public, no fees.
  • Water quality: Very Good
  • Boat anchorage possible? On calm days, it seems possible for private boats to anchor at Bang Tao, but there is no protection from squalls at this beach.
  • Boat dock and marina? N/A
  • Longtail boat rental possible? Yes
  • Speedboat/longtail boat tours possible? No/No
  • Sea inflow:: Yes, south
  • Slope into sea until 1m deep: 6-8m
  • Convenience shop available? Yes
  • Attractions: Laguna 18-hole golf course.
  • Activities: Paddle boarding, and jet skiing is popular at Bang Tao.
    Surfing can be good during the off-season when few tourists are about between May and October.
  • FKK possible? Not permitted, but if empty…
  • Massage available? Yes
  • Picnic possible? Yes
  • Surfing? The surfing at Bang Tao Beach can be as good as some of the best beaches on the island when the swell is perfect. Right and left breaking waves abound, and there is mostly soft sand underneath unless you’re at the south end of the beach. Undercurrent is strong on big wave days – do be cautious.
  • Smoking? In November Thailand is cracking down on smoking at beaches around the country. In November 2017 in Phuket, Patong Beach is affected. Soon they expect to make it a country-wide smoking ban – so do stay up to date because fines are high and can include prison time.
  • Warnings: Undercurrent can be strong and dangerous! Watch for lifeguard flags and ask what they mean if unsure.
  • Waste runoff into the sea? Yes

More about Bang Tao Beach

For more Bang Tao Beach information check out the Blog:

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